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Hey guys!!! Ryan here. The guys around here call me the fearless leader, on account of the fact that I started this little site.

I've been collecting comics since I was 5 years old and I'm 32 now. Which means I've been a comic fiend for 27 years. Ever since my mom bought me Flash #82 by Mark Waid, I was in love.

I started this site to share my passion with the world. Along the way Iv'e been able to interview some of my favorite creators. It's been a dream come true.

Recently I've been able to add these amazing people to the site. Each and every one of them brings a unique view on comics. In a short period of time these guys and gals have become great friends.

Stay tuned, cuz we're just getting started.



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Gen is a 20 something years old French-Canadian living in Montreal who has always loved comics as far as she can remember. Her preferences lean towards crime and horror stories such as Hellboy, a series she collects assiduously. She dedicates her undying love for Indie Comics publishers like Image Comics. She is an avid buyer of trades but will also sometimes purchase issues for their pretty cover. More than reviewing comics, she loves to ask herself existential and groundbreaking questions such as why is the sky blue? Or why are comics so good?  Her subjects of predilections are inclusivity, controversy, amazing characters, and awesome stories.



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Peace, True Believers! Dylan here. A little about me: I’ve been an adamant comic fan since the early 90’s (yeah, I’m old.) The X-Men animated series is pretty much what started it all for me. That glorious show opened the flood gates for me. I grew up hanging around kids older than me so they introduced me to the world of actual comics. My first full story I read was “A Death in the Family.” So there I was, 7 years old, reading about a death of the second Robin. From then on I was hooked. I became one of the youngest regulars at the local comic shop, Golden Apple on Melrose. I built a reputation and managed to convince them to sell me my first #1 comic, SPAWN. It was great. I became totally immersed and ran with it all the way into my adult life. Now, years later I find myself telling everyone about the comics I read. I love doing it. To me, almost every story i read has something to offer. Whether it be superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, horror or crime related, i share it all. And with The Comic Lounge I hope to continue to do so on a larger scale and not just with comics. I want share my love for hip-hop, art, and almost every aspect of pop culture. 



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Hey, I’m Sophie – part-time Visual Communication student, full-time dog mum. I’m an aspiring comic writer and illustrator, currently working on my first graphic novel. I first fell in love with comics when twelve-year-old me stumbled across the first issue of The Walking Dead. Little did I know, that was the beginning of my horror obsession! 


I tend to lean more towards indie titles, but I’m a big fan of Jessica Jones, Black Widow and Catwoman. I love Surrealism, visual horror, science-fiction and fantasy...especially Daniel Clowes and Charles Burns! A few of my favourite titles right now are Snotgirl and Paper Girls (or as my wife thinks it’s called, The Paper People). 



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Jennifer is an avid comic reader who recently relocated to Portland- a WEIRD city that LOVES comics! A lover of all things science fiction and horror you can find her rambling thoughts on the internet while sipping on tea or a cocktail. Her favorite stories are usually by independent creators but will indulge in Marvel or DC from time to time. Ask nicely and she may recommend a good cocktail, music, or movie to accompany your reading! 

Frank Zanca

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...began working in local television at the age of 22 when he became a Promotional Producer for Channel 9, the Orlando ABC affiliate. During this time he wrote and produced thirty-second spots for the newscast and syndicated shows such as Geraldo and Sally Jesse Raphael. Later he worked as a Production Assistant on NBC's Gonzo Games and Dick Clark's Sea World Summer Spectacular. Frank created and wrote his first comic book, which was distributed internationally under the name of Shadow Raven. For a number of years, Frank worked in Sales and then moved into Marketing where he became CFO and later President of two Independent marketing firms that were later sold for several million dollars. Recently Frank helped design Shadow Raven: the Combat Card Game, which was distributed internationally and has written the Shadow Raven novel (to be released next year). Frank is currently producing Shadow Raven: Fading Thoughts, a thirty-minute pilot, which is designed to become a feature film or television series.