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Following Your Passion

Hey everybody, my name's Ryan and I've been a comic book fan for the past 24 years. I also love Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc. I'm pretty much into anything you would see at Comic-Con. Anyways I've always wanted to be in the comic book industry for my career. It's always been my number 1 passion since I was 7. You could ask my wife, sometimes I just won't shut up about comics, even when she looks uninterested, I'll keep talking her ear off.

Well I've been a cook for 5 years, and a couple weeks ago I was telling a friend of mine about an experience i had at WonderCon a month ago, meeting Scott Snyder (my favorite writer) and Jim Lee (my favorite artist) and shes like you need to write that shit down. She suggested a book for me to read, its all about doing what your passionate about. It also talks about blogs, vlogs, and podcasting. So I decided to start my a blog, a place where I can talk about stuff that I'm passionate about, and talk to other people that are into this stuff too. I have a lot of ideas for what I could make this blog and can't wait to share it with you guys.

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