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Celebrating an Icon and the Coming of Bendis

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Superman has been around for 80 years, and yet he's more relevant today than when Jerry and Joe first introduced the world to him April 18,1938. Today celebrated the 1000th issue of Action Comics, a milestone no other superhero has yet to achieve. When I cracked open the issue I had no idea what to expect, I mean I've read tons of anniversary issues and they're usually good but I wouldn't describe them as great. This all star cast of writers and artists blew my mind, if you guys haven't picked it up yet run to your local comic store and pick it up, you won't be disappointed.

Every story in this book was extremely well done, honoring the past without feeling boring or stale. Dan Jurgens' opening story shows how Superman inspires us all, even his fellow heroes. Peter Tomasi's story honored every decade of Superman's existence in such a cool and unique way. Geoff Johns and Richard Donner's story tied into Action Comics number one in a very unexpected way. Tom Kings story of a Superman in the far off future was not what I thought it would be, a quiet little moment in Earths last moments. Scott Snyder brought his A game as usual with a cool scene of Lex Luthor and Superman just having a conversation. Brad Meltzer's story showing that not only does Superman inspire us but we inspire him as well.

Last but not least we get Brian Michael Bendis' first Superman story, drawn by the amazing Jim Lee. When Bendis first announced he was coming to DC after spending 20 years with Marvel, it nearly broke the internet, fans were either extremely angry or excited that Bendis had all these new characters available to him. I decided to let his work speak for itself, and he didn't disappoint. His story felt fresh and exciting, I mean I haven't been this excited about Superman in awhile. I can't wait to read his Man of Steel mini series and his upcoming run on Action and Superman, I have a feeling he's gonna blow us all away.

This was one of the best comics I've read in recent memory, it shows how DC Comics honors and respects their characters. It's such a cool thing to be able to experience such a huge milestone in comics, now we only have to wait a year for Detective Comics to reach issue 1000. I can hardly wait.

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