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Bendis Is Here

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Not since Jack Kirby left Marvel in the 70's to come to DC Comics has the comic community had something this monumental happen. In November of last year Brian Michael Bendis, who had been so synonymous with Marvel Comics for 17 years, announced he was coming to DC. I mean for weeks everybody was talking about it; Why did he leave?, What was he going to write?, Did he and Marvel leave on bad terms?

He said after visiting a Superman exhibit in Cleveland, which he took as a sign, he decided to take DC's offer. After being such a creative force at Marvel, he decided he wanted to try something new. After weeks of speculation about what he would write, he announced he was taking over the Superman line of books. His first story was in Action Comics 1000, which I wrote about in my last blog, after which he will be writing a mini series called Man of Steel.

At first,I was kind of skeptical about him coming to DC. I've always loved his runs on Daredevil and Avengers, but the last couple years I haven't loved everything he was putting out. His X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy in my opinion were okay but nothing spectacular. I mean maybe he was getting burnt out, the man did put out like 5 different titles a month at times. Then I thought of all the new ideas he's going to bring with him and how for him it must be like playing in a new toy box where the possibilities are endless. I know he's taking on Superman, but any fan of Bendis knows it won't be the only book he's writing for long.

I know some DC fans were angry at first, "he's gonna ruin the DC Universe like he "ruined" Marvel". But I don't think we have anything to worry about, I have faith that DC made the right decision when they signed Bendis. I can't wait to hear what else he announces that he's gonna work on.I think he's gonna blow us all away and everyone that complained about him coming will change their minds.

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