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Let "The Man" Rest

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Stan "The Man" Lee is probably the most well know comic book creator of all time. He's responsible for some of the most famous characters ever created;Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, the list goes on. Without him creating Marvel Comics, the comic book industry wouldn't be what it is today. We wouldn't have the Marvel Cinematic Universe either. Meeting Stan Lee was always on my bucket list of comic book creators I wanted to meet. I finally got to meet him at LA Comic Con this past October, but the experience wasn't anything like I imagined it would be.

I've been going to LA Comic Con for the past 3 years. I had always tried to get tickets to see Stan Lee but always come up short. This year I lucked out though, they put out pre-sale tickets for his autograph. So even though it was a little steep at $120, I jumped on it. I figured this might be my only chance to meet him, I mean he's 94 years old, the man's not gonna live forever. I spent the next couple months before the show thinking of everything it would say to him. I was always such a huge fan of his and wanted to tell him how much his work meant to me.

After months of waiting, the day of the show finally came. My little brother and I got to the show and found out we had to wait in line to get the wristband for the signing which took and hour. Then, we had to walk straight over to Stan's booth for the signing, which we ended up waiting in line for another 2 1/2 hours. Which meant we couldn't really explore the rest of the convention. After all that waiting, we finally see Stan but he doesn't look great and ends up leaving the booth for like 30 minutes. After a total of 3 hours, I walk up to get my art print signed, and told we can't take pictures. I was so bummed out. I tried to talk to Stan but he doesn't even look up at you. He has a guy show him where to sign, then they hand you your stuff and go on to the next person. I had waited years to meet him, and the dude doesn't even look up. It was cool to be in his presence but still kinda disappointing.

Months later, I'm reading all this stuff on the internet about other peoples experiences over the past couple years similar to mine. Stories of elder abuse and people using Stan to make money. I mean nobody really knows the truth except Stan and those close to him. After seeing him in person though, it's clear to me that he's not really enjoying what hes doing. He doesn't look happy and it sucks as a fan to see him like this. For a guy that's portrayed as this larger than life personality,but in person almost burnt out on it all makes me sad So I think it's time to just let the man rest. After all he's given his fans, let him enjoy the last few years of his life. Thank you Stan, EXCELSIOR!!!!

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