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Kevin Smith: Not So Silent

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Kevin Smith has always been my favorite celebrity. He's always been somebody I look up to and been inspired by. I've followed his work, (movies, shows, comic books, podcasts, books) since I was 13. If it has his name on it, I'm checking it out. A couple months ago I scored free tickets to a show he was doing. After the first show he had a heart attack and could have died. When I found out the morning after, I couldn't believe it. Today they premiered the show I saw taped live, and I just felt like I had to write about how much this guy and his work means to me.

I was first introduced to Kevin Smith because of my love for comics. He did a run on Daredevil in the 90s that was just amazing. Next he did a stint on Green Arrow, that to this day is still one of my favorite comic stories of all time. I loved his writing so much, that I wanted more, so I checked out his films. From Clerks to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, I bought every single one. He immediately became my favorite director. I loved his writing style and sense of humor. Then he came out with his Q&A DVD, An Evening With Kevin Smith, a 2 disc set of him talking for hours. In his movies he doesn't talk, I mean his characters name is Silent Bob after all, but he just tells story after story. This guy had me laughing for hours, I must have watched that DVD almost every night for weeks.Each time he came out with something new I immediately bought it.

I had always wanted to meet him but never thought I would get the chance. One day while eating dinner with my family by UCLA, my mom suggested we go check out Kevin's comic book store. I told her we didn't have to but she insisted, since she knew I'd always wanted to check it out. When we got there, I opened the door and couldn't believe Kevin was standing right there signing some books. I was so star struck but he was so humble when I told him what a big fan I was. He even personalized the two books he signed for me, one said " Take everything you read in this book with a grain of salt, and listen to your mother goddammit". It was so fuckin cool. The only thing that sucked was I didn't have a picture to remember it.

Years later he released a book,Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good. About 2 years ago I read it and he changed my life again. In his book he talks about following your dream and how if he can become successful doing what he loves so can you. It got me so motivated to follow my own dreams and not to give up on them. Last year at LA Comic Con I got to meet him again. The tickets to meet him sold out, but he stayed behind for all the people who didn't get tickets and signed stuff and took pictures with his fans. Yet another reason he's my favorite famous person, even though security told him to go he ignored them and stayed for his fans. I couldn't believe how lucky I got again.

About 6 months later I saw he was doing a show for free, but you had to be selected to get the tickets. Well luck was on my side again, I got 2 tickets and my friend Mike and I went to see him. He killed it on stage as usual, had me laughing the whole time and also dropped some words of encouragement yet again. I left that show feeling motivated again. The next morning when I went on Facebook I saw the news, he had a massive heart attack and had to cancel his second show. I couldn't believe it. He seemed fine the entire first show. All I could think was thank god he survived. It was a wake up call that we aren't always guaranteed tomorrow and I shouldn't rest on my dreams. I wish I could tell him in person how much he has influenced my life and how much his work means to me. So far now this will have to do. Thank you sir for all you've done and have yet to do.

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