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Justice League #4 (Review)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

First of all I have to say, I have been loving Scott Snyder's run on Justice League so far. I've always been a Justice League fan but stopped picking up the title awhile ago. As a huge Snyder fan, I knew had to pick this up. Just like I thought, he hasn't disappointed. It's exactly what I want out of a Justice League title. It kinda reminds me of Grant Morrison's run. With it's big story, explosiveness and crazy ideas. He's been introducing so many new things like the Still Force and Ultraviolet Spectrum. Its been non stop action.

Spoilers Ahead

The issue picks up where we left off, after a brief story about Gorilla Grodd's past. Luthor and Joker are in Superman and Martian Manhunters bodies, attacking Batman and Hawkgirl who are also in there. They are in the Totality, trying to learn more about the effects of the Source Wall breaking. The idea to have Batman and Hawkgirl tag along inside Superman and Martian Manhunter is such an awesome idea. The fact that Luthor was able to get himself and Joker in as well without Batman knowing shows how much of a genius he is. Snyders take on Luthor is one of the best parts of this series. He's calculated and almost terrifying.

Over on the moon, we have Cyborg and John Stewart fighting Sinestro. Here we begin to witness the true power of the Ultraviolet Spectrum. Sinestro is one of the most interesting characters in the DC Universe and Snyder's take is spot on. With little effort he breaks John down and you see fear in John's eyes. Sinestro destroys John's GL ring, making his transformation in to an Ultraviolet Lantern complete.

The rest of the league are dealing with Grodd, who now has control of the Still Force. He gained this control by using an infant, who just happens to be the Turtle. What an awesome and unexpected way to bring back an old villain. I love how Snyder takes an old Turtle and ties his powers with this new idea of the Still Force. Watching Grodd, Cheetah, and Black Manta dismantle Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman shows all of us readers that this new version of Legion of Doom is truly dangerous and not something the League is going to have an easy time with. The ending left me so anxious for the next issue. Sinestro has fully unleashed the Invisible Spectrum and Grodd has complete control of the Still Force. The image of him saying "Luthor was right" got me so excited to see where this is going.

Once again Jorge Jimenez killed it on art. His action sequences or absolutely electric. He has to draw one of the creepiest Jokers I've ever seen, besides Greg Capullo. I hope he stays on this book for a long time. This has to be one of the most beautifully drawn books in comic shops right now. If you're not reading this book, do yourself a favor, go pick it up right now you won't be disappointed.

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