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Pearl #1 Review: Bendis Delivers Another Hit

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Michael Gaydos

Published by: DC/Jinxworld


Bendis is on fire. First of all, he's been killing it on the Superman books. Then he delivers one of the most entertaining books I've read in a while. When his new Jinxworld book were first announced, I was stoked because he's pairing up with some of my favorite artists. I'm eagerly awaiting Cover, with him and David Mack. Bendis and Gaydos did an acclaimed run on Jessica Jones (Alias) and now they've reunited to bring us another exciting book.

The main character of this book, Pearl, is very intriguing and mysterious. She's a tattoo artist, with this unique tattoo on her hand that I can't wait to find out more about. She's got ties to the Yakuza and is apparently now going to be an assassin. I think Bendis writes strong female characters really well and it's very evident when you read his stuff. We are given a little bit of her backstory, but not much, and it left me wanting more. This is Bendis at his absolute best, writing dark crime stories with great dialogue.

The art on this book was absolutely amazing, Michael Gaydos is bringing his A game. This is one of the most beautifully illustrated books on the stands right now. I found myself pouring over every image, and studying every page for clues. The colors in this book are are such an essential part of the book. All the dark tones really help set the mood of this story. These two creators have done it again, delivered an absolutely entertaining book. I hope once this series wraps, that they have something else in the works. Until then I'm definitely gonna keep buying this book.

Pearl# 1 out in stores now.

Available at your local comic shop

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