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Punisher #1 (Review) Frank's War Just Got Bigger

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Punisher #1

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg,

Artist: Szymon Kudranski,

Color Artist: Antonio Fabela

Publisher: Marvel Comics


This is the absolute best Punisher comic I've read in years. I'll admit I wasn't a fan of Frank wearing the War Machine armor, so I had high hopes when they announced this relaunch. Well, I wasn't dissapointed Rosenberg, Kudranski, and Fabela delivered an amazing book.

While the story wasn't a back to basics like I was hoping for, it definitely has me hooked. Baron Zemo appears to be the villain that will be in Frank's cross hairs. Zemo has always been a favorite of mine and I think was a great choice for Frank be up against. Not only that, the Mandarin makes his return after being absent for some time. These guys aren't you average Punisher targets, so it's clear Frank's "war" is getting bigger.

Watching Frank take out a Roxxon wherehouse with a f***ing tank was awesome. Watching Frank take out a small army all by himself is always my favorite part of a Punisher comic. My only complaint is that Frank wasn't in the book as much as would have liked. The end of the book shows how much Frank really stepped up his game, by killing Mandarin with a magic bullet.

This whole book wouldn't be what it was without the amazing art team. Kudranski was a perfect choice for this book. His art is dark and gritty, perfect for the world Frank lives in. Not to mention he drew one of the most terrifying renditions of Punisher I've ever seen. Fabela's color completed the mood for this book, his mix of dark colors contrasting with the bright colors during the violent scenes was superb.

All in all while this book wasn't exactly what I wanted, it is definetly headed towards being mentioned alongside Garth Ennis' run as one of the best Punisher runs.

Punisher #1 in stores now.

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