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Batman #54 (Review): Dynamic Duo Back Together Again

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Batman #54

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Matt Wagner

Colorist: Tomeu Morey

Publisher: DC Comics


Batman has had many sidekicks over the years, including 5 different Robins, but Dick Grayson was the first. In my opinion, Tom King has done an incredible job on this title. While not all of his stories have been my favorite, I definitely think he's brought a lot to the Batman mythology. One of the most important relationships in Bruce's life is Dick Grayson, the first Robin now Nightwing. With all of the stuff going on in Bruce's life following "The Wedding", it only makes sense that Dick would come see how he was.

The story goes back and forth between them going after D list villains like Condiment King and the time when Dick first moves in with Bruce. In the present, while fighting the villains Nightwing is constantly cracking jokes while trying to get Batman to open up. In the past, Bruce is trying to be there for Dick after his parents died. The contrast of watching these two characters be there for one another really shows why their relationship/bond is so strong. Nightwing has his work cut out for him, considering Batman isn't the most open with his feelings. A simple "bet" at the end of the story actually gets Bruce to crack a smile. This story is one of my favorites from this run. I've always been a huge fan of these two, especially as a team.

Having Matt Wagner on the book was a pleasant surprise. His art has a really timeless look to it. I heard his son was originally supposed to color the book as well, but editorial changed it. Afterwards Matt said he probably won't work for DC again. It's a shame because he's an amazing artist and really captured the heart and emotion of this story perfectly.

This story was a nice way to bring Dick back into Bruce's life, after the disappointment of losing his relationship with Selina, Catwoman. I hope Tom King plans on having Nightwing in the book more often.

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