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Talkin with Eduardo Risso

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Eduardo Risso is an 4 time Eisner Award winner and 2 time Harvey Award. He's best know for his collaborations with Brian Azzarello, such as 100 Bullets, Moonshine, and one of all time favortie Batman stories, Broken City. I've been a huge fan of his ever since I picked up that first 100 Bullets trade paperback. His unique style is instantly recognizable and perfect dark noir stories. One of my favorite projects he's worked on was, Dark Night: A True Batman Story written by Paul Dini. It was based on true events that happened to Dini himself and was one of the most emotional books I've ever read and Risso brought it to life beautifully. He's current working on Moonshine with Azzarello but took the time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me

1. How did you first break in to the comic book industry? My first collaborations were for an Argentine publishing house called Columba. Before that, I was lucky that this editor sent me to work as an assistant to some cartoonists, with the last of them I strengthened my drawing but it was a long time before I found a style that recognizes me. 2. Your style is instantly recognizable, who were some of your biggest influences artistically? As an autodidact, I have tried to learn from all arts related to comics. That is why, observing some plastic

painters, I could use a form of composition based on geometric figures. From the cinema, I took a way of using the camera that favors my drawing and of some masters of the Argentine comic the use of lights and shadows. If there is someone who left a mark on me, it was Alberto Breccia. 3. 100 Bullets is one of my favorite series, I've read the whole series multiple times. What was your favorite arc of the series? I don't know if I have one in particular. I think it's the series, as a whole, that has given me the best opportunity to grow artistically at the time of doing it, therefore it is my favorite. 4. Would you ever return to those characters again? I do not think so, but you never know.

5. The book you did with Paul Dini, Dark Knight: A True Batman Story, was such a powerful story. What is it like working on such an emotional story based on Paul's life? It was a great challenge for me. It was the first time I was involved in a project based on real events. I hope to have been able, with my art, to convey at the weight of what Paul wanted to tell. 6. Do you have any characters you would like to work on, that you have not yet? No. I usually enjoy what I do now, but I like to get new challenges. Working for a long time in something ends up boring me. A change from time to time becomes necessary. 7. Are there any books you are currently working on that you can talk about? At the moment I am working on the second book of TORPEDO 1972 with a script by Enrique Sanchez Abulí (Spanish) and about to start the 3rd arc of Moonshine with Brian Azzarello.

All of Eduardo Risso's book are avaiable at your local comic shop. If you haven't read these books do yourself a favor and go check them out.

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