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Cover #1 (Review): Awesome Concept, Excellent Execution

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artisy: David Mack

Colorist: Zu Orzu

Publisher: Jinxworld/DC Comics


From the minute I heard that Bendis and Mack were doing a new book together I was excited. Then I read the concept behind it, the CIA begins recruiting comic book creators to become undercover operatives, I knew I was gonna pick it up. Bendis has had so many new titles come out recently through his Jinxworrld imprint at DC, this one might just be my favorite.

So the basic concept is that the CIA recruits comic book creators because of the fact that they travel the country for comic conventions, and the CIA realizes what a good cover it would be. While the first issue spends most of the time introducing us to the main characters, it definitely keeps the reader entertained. The two comic book creators kind of remind me of Mack and Bendis, which I though was kinda cool. Julia the "art collector" is a fan of Max Field, the main protagonist, but she is clearly more than she appears to be. This mash up of the comic book world with espionage is great and Bendis' dialogue once again flows so naturally.

Just like all of the other Jinxworld titles, the art on this book was impeccable. I have always loved Mack's style. He transitions between styles throughout the book but really shines with his closeups of the characters. The watercolors have always been my favorite aspect of his art, I mean I've been grabbing every DC cover Mack has been putting out. I love Bendis but Mack's art is worth the price of admission alone.

I can't say enough how much I love this book and I hope these two have another book planned after this one finishes because I can't enough of these two.

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