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Henry Cavill: No Longer Superman? Is the DCEU in Trouble?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Yesterday, it was reported that Henry Cavill may no longer be playing Superman in future DC movies. This was just another possible hit to the DC film universe. I for one think he's the best Superman since Christopher Reeves and to lose him would be a devastating blow. I know there's a large group of fans that had their issues with Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, and Justice League but there were some positive parts. I think while it was a little darker, Man of Steel was a great film overall. It made a clean break from past films and really showcased a different take on Clark Kent/Superman, that I really enjoyed. Batman vs Superman, in my opinion, suffered from one thing, introducing to many things in one film. Also, I wasn't a big fan of how they handled Lex Luthor. But overall after re-watching that film I think it holds up better than most people think. It grounded the characters in a way that felt real and genuine.

Then, you have Justice League, while it was not well received critically, it wasn't a total flop. I think there was lot of things that the film did right. I loved Aquaman and Flash. But the best part of the film had to be Superman. When they resurrected him, and after his mind cleared, we finally got a bright and hopeful Superman. I think the fact that the film had 2 directors gave the film a disjointed feeling. But the shining moment of that film was finally seeing Cavill as the true Superman. If he leaves the role, I think it will be a tremendous loss for the franchise.

Warner Bros released a statement shortly after the story's publication leaving Cavill's future in question."While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we've always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged."

Cavill's manager, Dany Garcia, gave a slightly more hopeful message via Twitter: "Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet. @wbpictures has been and continues to be our partners as they evolve the DC Universe."

With Ben Affleck supposedly out as Batman, that means the 2 biggest heroes in the DCEU would have to be recast. As a fan, it's mind boggling that Warner Bros. can't get their act together. I can't understand, as a lifelong DC Comics fan, why Marvel is absolutely killing it at the box office but DC can't seem to get it together. With the exception of Wonder Woman, the majority of people haven't like what DC has put out. I get why they might want to reassess their plans going forward, but I can assure them letting Cavill leave, would be a huge mistake.

Cavill posted a cryptic message on his Instagram of him wearing a Krypton Lifting Team t-shirt. So maybe all hope is not lost. Hopefully whatever issues there are can be resolved. If any DC/Warner Bros executives are reading this, please think long and hard before you let Cavill fly away.

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