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Talking with Horror Master Steve Niles

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Steve Niles is one of the greatest horror writers in comics. He wrote one of the best original horror stories of our generation, 30 Days of Night, which went on to become a film as well. He's done work for DC like Creeper and Gotham by Midnight which were really good. But for the most part he's right at home working on his own creations. One of his coolest projects in my opinion was the Frankenstein book he did with the late Bernie Wrightson. I can't wait to see what else this guy is gonna come up with next.

Comic Lounge: When did you decide that you wanted to be in comics?

Steve Niles: When I was a kid I started out trying to make amateur films, like Super 8 films. I thought I wanted to be a filmmaker or a special effects artist but really struggled to do anything of quality. I was a big comic fan. I have been my whole life. I had a total DUH moment and realized I could tell stories with a lot less hassle with comics so I shifted from films to comics.

Comic Lounge: You are arguably the greatest horror write in comics today, why do you love writing in the horror genre?

Steve: I’ve never been able to figure it out. When I was a little, I was terrified of anything horror. I’d watch horror movies during the day and then have nightmares. One day everything just switched, everything that scared me I loved and I’ve been that way ever since. It’s just a genre I feel very comfortable in.

Comic Lounge: Who were your biggest influences growing up?

Steve: Probably Richard Matheson and George Romero.

Comic Lounge: You're probably best known for 30 Days of Night, could you ever have imagined it would become so successful, enough to have a movie made about it?

Steve: We were taken completely by surprise. I’d been doing comics for many years when we did 30 Days. I didn’t know it was anything special and then there was this explosion. It was a really great experience.

Comic Lounge: I've always thought you would be perfect to do a Batman arc focused on Scarecrow, are there any characters you haven't worked on yet that you have ideas for?

Steve: I got to work with Batman and Scarecrow once; in a series I did called Gotham After Midnight. It was really fun. There are other characters like the Hulk, Spectre and Morbius that would be fun to write but I’m very happy in my little indie corner of the world.

Comic Lounge: You got to work with Bernie Wrightson on a Frankenstein book, what was that experience like for you?

Steve: It was the best. We became very good friends and working with him was just a bonus. He was an incredible friend and one of the best artists in the world.

Comic Lounge: What books are you currently reading?

Steve: I like Rick Remender’s stuff; Black Science and Deadly Class are great. Love what Jeff Lemire and Cullen Bunn are doing in horror. Mostly I read and collect older books. I love Silver and Bronze age Marvel comics so I’ve been working on those collections.

Comic Lounge: What projects are you currently working on?

Steve: I’m mostly working on new unannounced projects. I have four projects right now that I’m shopping and working on. I’m hoping I get to do more October Faction soon.

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