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Chat with Andrea Di Vito

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Andrea Di Vito began his career at Crossgen Comics. I loved his work on Brath especially. I followed him over to Marvel after Crossgen went out of business. He drew an arc on Thor and also did the Annihilation mini series. I'm a huge fan of both of those stories. My favorite of his Marvel books was The Thing, I've always liked that character and I think Andrea draws him really well. I've been a fan of his art for a long time and wished he could draw a Brath series, but if he gets his way, maybe one day we'll get a Conan series from him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Comic Lounge: How did you first get your start in comics?

Andrea Di Vito: After years of attempts, I went to San Diego Comic-Con , back in 2000. It was my last shot at finding a gig as a comic book artist. I remember meeting Steve McNiven that day, as we both stood in line to show our samples to Marvel. A few hours later I bumped into Mark Alessi, who at that time was starting up Crossgen. He was the first one to believe I could do something in this business and hired me as an apprentice artist. I moved to Florida and started learning with some of the best in the business, Bart Sears most of all, taught me everything I know about how to make a comic book. Comic Lounge: Who were your biggest influences artistically?

Andrea: John Buscema, Alan Davis, and every classically trained artist out there.

Comic Lounge: I first discovered your work on the books from Crossgen, like The First and Brath, what was your time like working on those books?

Andrea: It was the most forming experience of my entire life. I learned how to work with writers who are on the opposite side of the spectrum, like Barbara Kesel and Chuck Dixon. The first taught me about pacing the storytelling, and how to enhance moments within a character's voyage. The second let me loose , guiding me towards the high points of a story but allowing me the freedom of following my own gut when it came to visuals. Both teams on those books were amazing, especially my good friend Rob Schwager, who made me look insanely good with his colors on Brath. Comic Lounge: You also have worked on books for Marvel like Annihilation and The Thing, what Marvel project was your favorite?

Andrea: The Thing has always been one of my favorite characters since I was a kid, working on his adventures with Dan Slott was a dream come true. I enjoyed every single day I was working on that book. Annihilation was the biggest epic I worked on, even bigger than my first Marvel job on the Mighty Thor. Keith Giffen is a master at setting the stage for high adrenaline sagas.

Comic Lounge: 5. Are there any characters you would like a chance to work on in the future?

Andrea: Conan the Barbarian and Adam Warlock would be next on my list. I always loved them. Comic Lounge: What would be your absolute dream project?

Andrea: A black and white Conan the Barbarian book, where I could play with graytones and use light as the main actor of the story. It will never happen, but a man can dream, can't he? Comic Lounge: Are there any books your currently working on that you can talk about?

Andrea: I'm working on the prelude for the new Captain Marvel movie at the moment, a nice story that fills in the blanks about Nick Fury and Maria Hill between the events of Civil War and Infinity War. I am stretching my noir muscles on this one. Next up I will be working on developing my own characters and see if I can take my first step at writing, I have been itching to try it for years.

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