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The Return of Wolverine is Upon Us

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Tomorrow, after years of waiting, the one and only Wolverine is coming back. While he technically first resurfaced in the Marvel legacy one shot, the mini-series "Return of Wolverine" is set to tell the story of his return. Who better to tell the story than the guy who killed him, Charles Soule. I have been anxiously waiting for this series because Wolverine has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters and it's about time they brought him back.

When Marvel decided to "kill" Wolverine 4 years ago I figured it wasn't gonna stick. I figured it was going to  just be another gimmick, they would bring him back in a few months with another mini-series leading into another ongoing. Shockingly it didn't happen. While they did eventually bring in Old Man Logan into the main Marvel Universe after the Secret Wars event, it 

wasn't the same.

I get that fans were always saying how overused Wolverine was, appearing in like 8 different books a month, but I think getting rid of him made fans realize how much they missed him. Bringing in Old Man Logan was a good start, it was interesting at first but it only made me miss the "real" Logan even more. I really enjoyed the "Old Man Logan" series by Jeff Lemire and the stories were fantastic, but there was always something missing for me.

Finally, Marvel brought him back in Marvel Legacy, my jaw literally dropped when they revealed him. They followed that appearance with a one shot "Hunt for Wolverine", which was really good. Then they came out with 4 different mini-series which I didn't buy because I felt it was a little overkill, isn't this the reason fans said Wolverine was overused. Well , this week I'm finally

going to read "Return of Wolverine" and I couldn't be more excited. I hope Marvel doesn't oversaturate the market with Wolverine this time around. Just keep him in one X-Men book and his solo, that's it. I hope this new power of his, where his claws heat up, isn't stupid and that it actually has a purpose in the story other than just giving him a new power.

I have faith that Charles Soule, Steve McNiven, and Declan Shalvey will do Logan justice. I can't wait to see these claws pop again, SNIKT!

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