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Mister Miracle #11 (Review): The End Is Near

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Mister Miracle #11

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Mitch Gerads

Publisher: DC Comics


If you would have told me a year ago that a Mister Miracle book would be one of the best comics out, I would have said you were crazy. Well in my opinion this is probably the best title DC has put out this year. It has consistently been amazing. When all is said and done, I see this book being up there with classics like, "Dark Knight Returns" and "Watchmen". This series has continuously pushed the boundaries for what a superhero comic book could be and this issue was no exception.

We pick up shortly after where the last issue left off,

Scott (Mister Miracle) and Barda have decided to give up there son to Darkseid in exchange for peace. Just like Scott was given to Darkseid when he was a young boy now he has to do the same with his son. As they enter Darkseid's throne room and they tension is immediately dropped when Scott brings out a veggie tray. Who would have guessed watching Darkseid eat a veggie tray could have been so funny. After getting the peace they sought, things quickly take a turn, it was all a ruse to get the anti life equation, they never had any intention of giving up there son. But you don't just double cross the Ruler of Apokolips without repercussions. After the ensuing fight, Tom King hits the readers with an unbelievable cliff hanger. I have an idea where the story might be going, that this is all happening in Mister Miracle's head, but I can't figure out the person is behind it. I can't wait to find out what happens after that last page though.

Mitch Gerads is an unbelievable talent, the chemistry between himself and King is undeniable. There are moment where there is no dialogue, yet Gerads perfectly conveys what's happening through the characters facial expressions. His Darkseid is absolutely menacing, without even having to talk. That scene with Mister Miracle and Darkseid fighting at the end has to be one of the most brutal fight scenes he's drawn so far.

I'm so sad that there is only one issue left, it really is bittersweet. I've really enjoyed reading this series and one of the things I'll miss most is the relationship between Scott and Barda. King with his words and Gerads with his pictures really gave us one of the best couples in comics and really made the relationship between those two characters grounded and "real". I can't wait to read the finale, which I'm sure is gonna be a hell of an issue.

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