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Return of Wolverine #1 (Review): He's Back Baby

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Return of Wolverine #1

Writer: Charles Soule

Penciller: Steve McNiven

Inker: Jay Leisten

Colorist: Laura Martin

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Ok guys if you read my post from a few days ago, you know I'm a huge Wolverine fan and I've been waiting for his return. While this issue wasn't perfect it definitely didn't disappoint.

"Death" in comic books has been a constant for decades now, with characters coming back to life being just a matter of time. The biggest death in comics would have to be Superman, which shocked the comic community, but of course he came back. Since then, no death has made more of an impact than when Wolverine "died". But, it wasn't a quick return by any means, it took

four years. Who better to handle his return than the men who killed him, Charles Soule and Steve McNiven.

From the opening pages I was immediately pulled in, we have a disoriented Wolverine in a tattered costume with his claws extended and red hot. I'll admit I think them adding that aspect to his claws is a little strange, but

I'm holding off judgment for now. He wakes up in a lab and clearly doesn't really know who he is, there's dead bodies everywhere and the lab is trashed. Then, he comes across a scientist who tells him to be careful of someone named Persephone, who obviously is going to be the one behind his resurrection. This book had such a 90's vibe to it that I absolutely loved it, gave me this immense feeling of nostalgia. Charles Soule brought back a little mystery to the character that has been missing for a long time.

While the issue wasn't really plot heavy it gave just enough to make me come back for the next issue. It's weird seeing an unsure Logan, whos usually so confident, because he's the best there is at what he does. I'm assuming his memories being gone is just temporary because he already start acting like the Wolvie we know and love. When he runs into someone else who tells him that he's a hero and that she needs his help, he goes to a cell in his mind with a familiar looking Wolverine in his classic yellow and blue costume. As he unlocks the door, tells this other version of himself that he has been told he’s a superhero and gets a such a perfect response from the prisoner: “Hell yeah we are.” His head being a prison was genius on Soule's part, with different aspect of his personality taking shape in other characters and versions of himself. At the end of the issue he dons his new costume, I don't know how I feel about the new costume though, I'm really hoping it's temporary.

The art was absolutely on point, Steve McNiven changed up his style a little bit and I loved it. It's kind of reminiscent of Barry Windsor Smith and the way he drew Wolverine. The detail in every image and that opening scene with Wolverine all battered and bloody was so visceral it really made every drawing jump off the page.

While not a lot was revealed this issue, it was definitely a good read with beautiful art. I can't wait to see more of how and why he was brought back. Soule and McNiven did an awesome job and I'm looking forward to the next issue.

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