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Pete Woods: Going Under the Hood

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Pete Woods has been drawing comic books professionally since the 90's. He's worked on some of the biggest books like Action Comics, Catwoman, and Justice League. He worked on a critically acclaimed run of Deadpool with Joe Kelly. My favorite though would have to be the 4 year run on Robin that he worked on with Chuck Dixon, starring Tim Drake. I'm still holding out hope that one day he'll draw another Tim Drake/Robin book

He recently just started working on "Red Hood: Outlaw" starring the second Robin, Jason Todd. The book has Jason breaking off on his own and leaving "the Outlaws" behind. I've always loved his work and I'm really excited to see what this new story is about, not to mention that bad ass new costume Pete designed.

Comic Lounge: I was first introduced to your art when you were drawing Robin, starring Tim Drake. You just started on Red Hood. What can you tell us about the new series and why do you think Jason Todd has become

so popular since his "death"?

Pete Woods: Things are changing pretty drastically for Jason in the coming months. As we see in issue 26 he’s on the road and going solo. He ends up falling into a situation that stirs up trouble for him (because of course it does.)

I think Jason’s appeal lies in the fact that he’s a loose cannon. He’s a guy trained by Batman but he doesn’t follow Batman’s rules. Who doesn’t like cutting loose now and then? He’s simultaneously a good guy and a villain and are we all a little bit of both?

Comic Lounge: What do you think sets Jason apart from the rest of the Bat Family?

Pete: Well, as I said he doesn’t follow Batman’s rules. He’s much more independent. His early life made him more self-reliant than most of the rest of the family and he’s not afraid to follow his own moral compass. I think he’s also capable of going into dark places and come out of them intact whereas other Bat Family members might risk losing themselves.

Comic Lounge: You also redesigned his costume, which I love by the way. Is the change due to the story or were you given the choice to make the change? 

Pete: The costume change is story-driven as it should be. Jason is forging a new path in the world and while retaining the identity of Red Hood, he is certainly changing. The costume reflects that both visually and practically. 

Comic Lounge: Are you planning on staying on the book for a while?

Pete: As far as I know I’m on the book for a while. These things change all the time so it’s impossible to commit to a time period, but I’m gonna be on for at least one story arc.

Comic Lounge: You've worked in the industry for a long time, are there any characters you would like to work on  that you haven't already?

Pete: There’s a few. I’ve drawn almost everyone at DC at one point or another. I wouldn’t mind a crack at the Hulk and Spider-Man somewhere down the road.

Comic Lounge: So many creators out there are working on creator owned books, do you have any stories of your own that you would like to work on?

Pete: I’ve got a few. Ideas sitting on my computer waiting to go. It’s just a matter of finding the time. Of course Van Jensen and I would like another crack at Cryptocracy in the future.

Comic Lounge: Besides Red Hood, are there any books you're working on that haven't been announced yet ?

Pete: I’ve finally learned my lesson and refuse to take any work besides the book I’m committed to. No more side projects!

Comic Lounge: What advice would you give to any artists out there on how to develop their own style?

Pete: The best thing I learned when trying to find my own voice was to put away the visual noise while working. Get those comics away from your workspace, put the art books back on the shelf, keep posters out of sight, and focus on your own work. Sketching and doodling is a different story, but when you’re working and you have those things around you, you can start imitating others inadvertently.

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