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Talking with Artist Pere Perez

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Pere Perez has become one of the hottest new artists in the industry. He helped shape the Valiant Universe with his work on numerous titles for the publisher. He has done work with DC in the past on titles like Smallville and Batgirl. He is currently working at Marvel, and he recently worked on the "Rogue and Gambit" mini series with Kelly Thompson that has lead to his current upcoming book, "Uncanny X-Men".

Pere, along with a slew of A-list creators are set to relaunch the beloved title next month. If you haven't heard of him yet, get ready guys because this is set to be one of the biggest relaunches in recent memory. This book has assembled some of the best artists currently working at Marvel, and I can't wait to see this book and what these creators have planned, especially Pere's amazing art.

Comic Lounge: When did you first get into comics ?

Pere Perez: My first job was for the Spanish edition of Penthouse Comics, and my first job for an American publisher was on Savage Tales by Dynamite.

Comic Lounge: When did you decide you wanted to be a professional artist? Pere: When I had an injury on my foot that prevented me from entering the physical education college, when I was 16.

Comic Lounge: You've done a lot of work at Valiant, what did you like best about working on those characters? Pere: That they gave me a lot of freedom to tell those stories and the fact that since they don’t have a long story behind (the new Valiant universe, I mean), I could help building and establishing something new.

Comic Lounge: You worked on some books for DC as well, like Smallville and Batgirl, are there any books that you would like to work on for DC in the future? Pere: I’d like to work on Green Lantern, Lobo and Flash, to name a few.

Comic Lounge: Recently, you worked on the "Rogue and Gambit" miniseries. I've always loved the dynamic those 2 characters had. What was it like drawing that iconic couple? Pere: It was a lot of fun. The script by Kelly Thompson was very exciting and had a good balance between action, drama, and a lot of references for the long time fans. One of the books I’m most proud of having worked on.

Comic Lounge: When you're not drawing, what do you do in your downtime? Pere: Watch movies, read comics, going to concerts and also practice martial arts (mostly wing chun and taijiquan)

Comic Lounge: What art tools are your preferred tools to use? Pere: Anything I can get my hands on. Currently it’s Clipstudio Paint for pencils, and markers and brushes for inking.

Comic Lounge: Are there any books you're currently working on that you can talk about? Pere: I’m currently working on Uncanny X-Men written by Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson and Matthew Rosenberg, I’m having a blast with it, and I can’t wait for it to be released. The other artists I’m working with (Mahmud Asrar, Yildiray Cinar and R.B. Silva) are doing an excellent job, and I think readers will love it.

Comic Lounge: What would be your dream project? Pere: Star Wars. Anything with Jedis in it. Or anything written by my favorite writers.

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