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Justice League #9 (Review) The Calm Before the Storm

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Publisher: DC Comics


With each passing issue, this series continues to pull me in. What Snyder and Co. have been doing with this new iteration if the league has been absolutely amazing and shows no signs of slowing down. This book really reminds of the Justice League animated series and not just because of who's on the team. It's because they feel almost like a family and this particular issue showcases it so well.

This issue picks up right where the first arc left off, with the team dealing with the aftermath of their battle with the Totality. The story starts off with Superman putting the moon back together... yeah you read that right, he's putting the f***ing moon back together. I think it was such an awesome display of his powers that I never would have thought he was capable of. As he's doing this incredible feat Batman, of course, suggests that he make "modifications" to the moon. He's doing this all while he's having surgery performed on him due to the injuries he sustained in the last arc. Leave it to Batman to always be planning, even during surgery. Of course as Superman is fixing the moon he's attacked by creature that feeds off solar energy.

We finally get a peek inside the Hall of Justice, and this is where this book really stood out for me. As a tour is going through the Hall, so are the readers. We get to see each individual member personal quarters and the reasoning behind it. I loved seeing where each member lives when they stay at the HOJ. When I saw Batman's room I literally laughed at loud, it was so "Batman". Wonder Woman and Aquaman are the ones who explaining the reasons behind each room all while Aquaman is questioning WW why she hasn't built hers yet. I've always loved the relationship/bond those two share since they're both royalty. Instead of building her room she's building a temple and the reason behind it was exactly what I would have expected her to say. I really loved the mess hall scene with Barry and John also, it was awesome seeing all the other heroes in the background just hanging out. It felt like I was watching a JLU episode. That was one thing I loved about that show, that you never knew who would pop up. I really love that

Snyder brought back the HOJ and has made it so that any hero can come and go. I can't wait to see who else pops in. Barry is there trying to cheer up John who's reeling from the Ultraviolet Spectrum taking him over, all it took was a burger.

As Superman is fixing the moon he's attacked by a creature that feeds off solar energy so Batman calls an emergency to the rest of the League. As the League gather together, we witness something you don't see very often Batman in awe.

Snyder's words are phenomenal, but it's Jimenez who takes those words and breathes life in to them. His rendition of each member is so unique to the individual and no two faces look the same. He captures each emotion perfectly and this story, in particular, is where it really shows. Snyder and Jimenez created a really special issue that's stands on it's own and might just be my favorite issue so far.

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