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VICIOUSKILL: Making Nerd Swag Cool Again

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

 VICIOUSKILL is a relatively young company, but they have been growing rapidly amongst the nerd community. They specialize in clothing geared towards fans of comics, video games, and other pop culture characters. Their shirts have a design that they're predominantly know for, the "Running Man", but their artist, Victor Magana is an amazing artist and comes up with tons of other cool designs also.

Buying their merch is more than just buying clothes, pins, etc., it's a hobby. You want to collect every design they come out with because they're so sick.

They always hit the con circuit hard and do live printings of their designs, which is really cool also. They just released 4 designs that they're gonna be debuting at Los Angeles Comic Con at the end of this month, one of which you can see at the bottom of this page. I'm really looking forward to see what these guys do in the future, I'm sure what ever it is, they're gonna kill it.

Comic Lounge: When did you first decide to start your company?

VICIOUSKILL: We started VICIOUISKILL (vicious-skill) was started in 2013. I attended Comikaze in 2012 and was so inspired and decided to get a booth in 2013.

Comic Lounge: How did you guys first come up with the name for VICIOUSKILL?

VICIOUSKILL: Vicious comes from my brother who draws everything. He was giving the nickname Vicious Vick in school. Skill is the skill's that one possesses. 

Comic Lounge: How long have you been comic book fans?

VICIOUSKILL: Since I was a kid. We all grew up with Saturday morning cartoons. Love Fox Kids and miss the


Comic Lounge: You guys also do more than just comic book characters, what do you guys look for when deciding on new designs?

VICIOUSKILL: We only design what we love and grew up on. Nostalgia over everything.

Comic Lounge: I know that Victor Magana does a lot of your designs, do you guys work with other artists as well?

VICIOUSKILL: No, Only Victor.

Comic Lounge: So far you guys haven't really done any DC characters, do you have any plans to do any in the future?

VICIOUSKILL: We have done DC in the past but will try to put some new designs in 2019. 

We did a Harley Quinn and Batman live print for LA Comic Con in 2016 and dropped our first DC pin with Duncan Artworks this past May.

Comic Lounge: Are there any plans to expand your line, besides shirts, hoodies, and pins?

VICIOUSKILL: Definitely. We want to do toys and posters.

Comic Lounge: You guys obviously love the nerd culture and it really shows. What has your experience been thus far in the nerd community?

VICIOUSKILL: AMAZING! We love going to cons and just nerding out with everyone. We love talking Marvel movies, games and why the PS4 is the best console lol. 

- Anyone want to squad up on Overwatch?

Comic Lounge: Where do you see the company going in the next 5 years?

VICIOUSKILL: Hopefully a store and licensing. 

If you're interested in purchasing any of their merch you can find them at

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