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Justice League #10 (Review): Sea Gods Flood the Earth

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Francis Manapul

Publisher: DC Comics


The Sea Gods from across the universe have come to Earth and have flooded the planet. That is the basic premise of this new story from Scott Snyder and Co. This prelude issue to the 'Drowned Earth' is a break from the normal threat our heroes usually face. It is fresh and unique story that pulls you in right away and leaves you wanting more.

When this story was first announced I was intrigued right away. This issue built off the what DC already announced, we are treated with a little of Arthur's backstory that is sure to be picked up on when Kelly Sue DeConnick takes over "Aquaman" in December. With all of the Justice League members scattered throughout the universe, the story picks up with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm searching for clues that Poseidon left for them in the Arctic Circle. It was really cool to see Firestorm with them as he's always been a favorite of mine. What they end up discovering there is something not of this world brought to life by the amazing Francis Manapul. His art was the perfect choice for this story. His use of colors and the wide palette he uses make every image you look at, an absolute delight.

While those heroes are in the Arctic, we catch up with Superman, Flash, and Adam Strange at the headquarters of the Legion of Doom. Again, it's so awesome to see Snyder bring in other heroes that aren't part of the core team. While Batman is still in a full body suit due to the injuries he sustained in the first story arc, he's still in the mix and sheds a little light on Will Payton/Starman. He discovers that the Totality has left pieces of itself throughout time. This seems like it might be setting up a future time traveling story and who doesn't love good time travel story in the DCU.

The climax of the book has our Arctic team attacked by an otherworldly Kraken. While fighting the creature we're introduced to the Sea Gods, at first they seem friendly while talking to Aquaman, but of course that's not the case. They immediately show their true colors and flood the Earth, the water they flood the Earth with transforms Earths in inhabitants. This all happens within minutes. If that last page doesn't pull you guys in, I don't know what will.

This story feels like a summer blockbuster, and why wouldn't it, we have Scott Snyder and Francis Manapul on it. Already this has become my favorite Justice League story and it's only one issue in. The price of admission is worth it alone just for the beautiful imagery that Francis Manapul treated us with. Once again Snyder is delivering another epic, worthy of the Justice League book.

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