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Advanced Review (Bitter Root #1)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writers: David F. Walker and Chuck Brown

Artist: Sanford Greene

Publisher: Image Comics

Releases on: November 14 2018


Harlem Renaissance, steampunk, and monster/demon hunting, how could you not want to buy this book. If you're familiar with David Walker and Sanford Greene's "Power Man and Iron Fist", then you probably already thought about getting this book. Well I promise, you won't be disappointed. What they've done, along with Chuck Brown, is delivered a unique and exciting new series that leaves you begging for more.

Set in the 1920's, in Harlem of course, we're introduced to the Sangerye Family. Like all families, they're full of dysfunction just not in the way you would expect. They have been monster hunters for years, but along the way have lost family members and are trying to pick up the pieces. Blink, whom I assume is the main protagonist, is strong and willful, who only wants to help her family and others. She doesn't want to just sit on the sidelines, she wants to get into the action, just like the male members of her family. When she does fight though, she kicks serious ass. She's a character that I have already grown attached to. The rest of the family is interesting as well, especially Ma Etta, the patriarch, I can't wait to dive more into the history of the Sangerye Family.

This isn't your regular monster hunting comic book, as Chuck Brown and David Walker said, "One of the greatest horrors we face is racism. It is an ignorant, vile, viscous monster that lurks in humanity’s past, present, and, sadly in our future. Bitter Root is filled with action, drama, laughs, and amazing artwork. But at its core, this series is a call to combat the bitter root of racism and hate."

This book is Sanford Greene's best artwork to date. When I first saw his work on "Power Man and Iron Fist", it blew me away. His style is like a mix of hip-hop and punk music given form. It's high energy and explodes off of every page. I'm so glad I get to see his work on a monthly basis again.

Overall, this first issue was a fantastic debut issue and I can't wait to see what else these guys have in store. One issue in and I'm hooked. So make sure you guys go out and support the book, so we can read the adventures of the Sangerye Family for years to come.

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