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Mark Russell Launches "Wonder Twins" for DC's Wonder Comics

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

When the "Wonder Comics" imprint was announced at NYCC, most people probably were most excited about "Young Justice". But anybody that has read a book by Mark Russell, knows that theyre in for a surprise when "Wonder Twins" launches.

Mark has taken old cartoon characters, such as the Flintstones and Snaglepuss, and breathed new life into them for a new generation. I have full faith that he will take the Wonder Twins, who's fame stems from the old Super Friends cartoon, and give all of us an amazing book.

Mark was gracious enough to give a little insight on what we can expect from this new book when it launches.

Comic Lounge: It was recently announced that you were going to launch a Wonder Twins book for the new Wonder Comics imprint at DC. Have you always been a fan of the characters?

Mark Russell: Yes. They are two of the very earliest superheroes I was ever aware of and I’ve always loved the fact that the Super Friends contained the planet Earth’s most powerful being, the world’s greatest detective, and a guy who can turn into steam.

Comic Lounge: When the book was in the planning stages, did DC seek you out for the book? Or was it something you pitched to them?

Mark: Brian Michael Bendis approached me about writing it for a new comics line he was doing for DC. Because it was him and because I’ve long loved the characters, I didn’t have to think too long about it. I think I said yes before he even finished explaining the project to me.

Comic Lounge: Can you talk a little bit about your plans for the book?

Mark: Yeah. The basic plot is that the Wonder Twins are like interns at the Hall of Justice. They are superheroes-in-training, and as such, they are tasked with taking down second-tier super-villains who, because they aren’t quite ready for the Legion of Doom, have formed their own evil organization called “The League of Annoyance”.

Comic Lounge: What approach are you taking with the book? Will it be a satirical or political like some of your other books?

Mark: I don’t want it to be any one thing. I mean, yes,  it will be satirical, because that’s just a frequency on which my brain vibrates, and there will be political metaphors involved, but I mostly just hope it works as a superhero story.

Comic Lounge: Are you working with the other creators in the Wonder Comics line to have a cohesive line? Or are the titles working independently?

Mark: I’m working pretty independently of the other titles, though I went to a story meeting with all the creators early on and, I have to say, all the stories sound really good. I’m not writing with dovetailing my story into theirs, though.

Comic Lounge: Is there any planned crossover with any of the books?

Mark: I have no such plans. I can’t speak for the others.

Comic Lounge: Lastly is there anything you can tell us, the fans, that may be on the fence about the book to really sell us on the Wonder Twins?

Mark: This story will not be like anything you’ve read before. Stephen and I are taking the Wonder Twins and their army of adversaries into some really unusual places. Take a chance on it. I guarantee you’ll be surprised.

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