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Flash #57 (Review): A Villain Returns & The Force Quest is Upon Us

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Scott Kolins Colorist: Luis Guerrero

Publisher: DC Comics


Mick Rory/Heat Wave is completely taken over by the Sage Force, with Flash and Detective Burns trapped in his head. With seemingly no way out, they are helped in an unexpected way. With a tease of the next storyline and beyond, this issue hits every note for me.


These new forces have been somewhat mysterious and Joshua Williamson has really taken the time to explore where the come form and how their users are affected. We learn that the Sage Force is drawn towards empathy, which is why it's drawn to Mick. With all of the events going on in Flash's life righowt n, he's been in his head so much that he hasn't really been as focused as he should. Thank god for Iris West, she along with Commander Cold have come up with a plan to save Flash. Iris remembers studying these new forces from her life Pre-Flashpoint, which was a cool little easter egg to see her outfit from the time she spent in the 30th century. I wonder if she remembers her kids, the Tornado Twins, yet. If not what will she do when she does?

After she sends Commander Cold into Heat Wave's, he poses as Captain Cold to try and calm Mick down. I really like Commander Cold, I think he's an interesting contrast to Barry, especially with his knowledge of the future. Which I'm sure will play a part in future stories. This issue really deals with letting go of the past and moving forward. Something that not only Heat Wave struggles with, but Barry has been struggling with as well. With Heat Wave saved from the Sage Force, Flash is set free and has a new sense of purpose to complete his Force Quest. Not only was Heat Wave freed from the Sage Force but, his body was completely healed. Williamson you need to do a Heat Wave/Captain Cold story, these villains are to awesome to be trapped in Iron Heights.

Barry and Iris have always been my favorite comic book couple, next to Clark and Lois, or Ollie and Dinah. They're relationship has only gotten stronger under Williamson's guidance. So when Barry says that he knows he has to go on this quest but he doesn't want to leave her, she gave the perfect response. She was going too. The Flashes of 52 worlds is such a cool concept and we got another peek at them, I hope Williamson plans on using them again throughout his run. The end of the story takes us to another Earth where that Earth's flash is attacked by none other than, Hunter Zolomon.

Another issue drawn by the amazing Scott Kolins. I can never get enough of his Flash books. He's long been my favorite Flash artist, and it's always a treat when he does an issue, or

an arc. I can't wait to read the Flash Annual in January drawn by him as well. His love for the character is evident with every issue he draws, especially that page where Barry is running with Iris in his arms. It put a huge smile on my face.

I haven't been this excited about a Flash arc since

"Flash War". I'm really looking forward to this next arc, it's setting up to be a good one. I'm still holding out hope that Wally is alive, but I guess we'll have to wait until that Flash Annual to find out more.

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