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Heroes In Crisis #2 (Review): Booster and Harley, Who Did It?


Written by: Tom King

Art by: Clay Mann & Travis Moore

Coloring by: Tomeu Morey & Arif Prianto

Published by: DC Comics


Last month, Tom King shocked the comic book community with the death count in last issue. Of all the deaths, Wally West and Roy Harper were probably the most gut wrenching. While most people were expecting more deaths or a hint at who the killer was, this issue doesn't do much of either.


After last issue's battle between Booster and Harley, they go their separate ways. While Harley goes into hiding, Booster does "What Batman would do" and looks for clues. It's interesting that both say they witnessed the other committing the horrendous crime, but maybe that's the point, they both are a little crazy. While the "Trinity" (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) are examining the bodies, they find a clue that almost seems lie it was placed there for them to find. Superman of course accuses Batman of having "spy" cameras installed at Sanctuary, so he has to know "who did it". He is the master of always having fail safes against his fellow heroes, but this time he doesn't, but it seems like he's holding back.

One of the most emotional scenes in the book, is when Booster tells Barry about Wally's death. "If" Wally is dead I will be really upset, bringing him back at the beginning of "Rebirth" only to kill him for shock value, seems cheap. I still think there's something more to Wally "dying" then we're being lead to believe. Hopefully it will be addressed in the Flash Annual in January.

When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman catch up with Harley, she makes easy work of Batman. She steals the Lasso of Truth and uses it to take Kryptonite from Batman, that earlier in the issue he told Superman he didn't have. After she makes her escape, Superman drops some truth on Batman, when he says "she's just as good as you". One of the best scenes in the book. Tom King also hints at the possible death of Poison Ivy, but it is never confirmed. Throughout the book we see that even the "Trinity" deal with their own trauma at Sanctuary through the use of the confessionals. Seeing these heroes in such a vulnerable state, humanizes them in a way I don't think has ever been done before and gives them an interesting new dynamic.

The ending is what will make readers yearn for the next issue. While Lois Lane is at her computer typing, another reporter is reading her an email. Lois doesn't really pay attention to her at first, but the minute she hears the word "Puddlers" she takes notice. Why would this trigger such a reaction from her? Unless Clark told her about that word being on the wall at the murder scene.

This issue, while not really giving us that much information, was an interesting chapter in the series. The art once again was breathtaking. Clay Mann along with Travis Moore bring Tom Kings script of raw human emotion through every character they draw. You can instantly feel with the characters feeling, with each emotion perfectly depicted on their face. This book is sure to be an instant classic, just as "Identity Crisis" was years ago. I only wish we didn't have to wait a month in between issues.

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