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Uncanny X-Men: A Return To Greatness?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Later this month, Wednesday Nov. 14th, we see the return of Uncanny X-Men, the iconic flagship title of the X-Men line. The series is launching with the ten-part “X-Men Disassembled” story that will be published weekly. The story kicks off with a “mysterious and tragic disappearance.” Writers Kelly Thompson (Mr. and Mrs. X), Ed Brisson (Old Man Logan, Extermination), and Matthew Rosenberg (Phoenix: Resurrection, Astonishing X-Men) team with artists Mahmud Asrar (X-Men Red), RB Silva (X-Men Blue), Yildray Cinar (Weapon X), and Pere Perez (Rogue and Gambit) for this massive relaunch that is geared to set the world of the X-Men on fire.

The X-Men have been a major focal point of the Marvel Universe for decades, but were seemingly put on the backburner for a few years. When Marvel announced their "Legacy" initiative, many fans were hoping that they would see the return of "Uncanny X-Men". Instead Marvel launched two other X-Men books, "X-Men: Gold" and "X-Men: Blue", with "X-Men: Red" to follow a few months later. With this launch, Marvel has a real chance to bring longtime X-Men fans back into the fold.

One thing looming over this launch is, "Will they bring Cyclops back?". Cyclops is the definitive "X-Man", and having him brought back to the team would be a huge win for the franchise. Having already brought back Jean Grey, Professor X, and Wolverine, it seems only right to bring back the last founding member. While some of the solicitations have eluded to Cyclops possibly coming back, we won't know for sure until those books come out. Hopefully the Annual coming out in January will have some answers. How they would bring him back is an even bigger question, but in comics anything is possible, look how many times Jean has come back. Bringing Scott back would be a huge step in getting fans excited about this book.

The X-Men book have always dealt with being "outsiders" and not being excepted in society. In the world we're living in now, this subject is just as prevalent as it was in the 60s when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby originally launched the book. While the book doesn't need to be overly political, there's a real chance to take what's going on in our society and touch on that in the book. Some of the best X-Men stories have dealt with, racism and discrimination, which grounds the book and makes it relatable to everybody.

Overall, Marvel recruited some of the best talent in comic books to spearhead this relaunch. With this 10-part "X-Men: Disassembled" story, fans won't even get a chance to breathe with the comic book being released weekly. Major things are set to happen in this initial storyline along, as promised by the creative team, along with " The Age of X-Man", the storyline following Disassembled.

Matthew Rosenberg stated, "We are making UNCANNY as huge as we can. We're approaching it [as if] this might very well be the last X-Men story ever, so let's make it matter. We're doing all hands on deck, fate of the world stuff. It's big and scary."

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