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Emma Kubert Talks About Willowbrook

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Emma Kubert comes from a long legacy of acclaimed comic creators. She's the granddaughter of Joe Kubert and daughter of Andy Kubert. She recently graduated from the Kubert School, and is working as a freelance comic book artist/letterer. She has worked for DC Comics as a layout artist and letterer and Dynamite Entertainment as artist (penciler and inker) on the title MISS FURY.

She is currently working on her creator owned project, WILLOWBROOK. You can find the link below

Emma is really creating something special with this project and I recommend anyone reading this to go pledge before it's too late.

Comic Lounge: I know you come from a long line of amazing artists, but what was your main motivation for becoming an artist?

Emma Kubert: My main motivation for becoming an artist was simply that I love creating and visualizing stories, ever since I was young. Being a comic book artist allows you to create and flesh out an idea from scratch. It's like being the director, cinematographer, costume designer, etc. for your entire story. It allows you to have the options of having total creative freedom, or working in collaboration with like-minded people! I think the fact that really pushed me to become a comic book artist though is seeing my grandfather, my dad, and my uncle be happy and successful with their careers. It amazed me growing up to have an actual example in my own family of someone doing what they love, is good at it, and making a living while doing it. My grandpa Joe used to say that "if you pick a career you love, you will never have to work a day in your life."

Comic Lounge: Besides family, who were some artists or comic books that inspired you growing up?

Emma: Growing up, I honestly was never truly into comic books. I think (within the comic realm) I was in love with Calvin and Hobbes and Farside comics. I was a girl who loved animated movies including Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and Miyazaki. I think many animators/concept artists/storyboard artists inspired me more than comic book artists growing up, especially Glen and Claire Keane. It took until I was 19 years old to realize how awesome comic books are and how closely related animation and comics were, so now I look at Frank Miller, Alex Toth, Alex Raymond, Darwyn Cooke, Wally Wood, Al Williamson, and of course, the family Joe, Andy, and Adam. I do also want to point out that another artist I look up to is my mother Theresa Kubert. She is a watercolor artist and has been for around 20 years. She mostly does landscapes, portraits, animals, but she was the one to inspire me to try watercolor painting, which is my main medium of choice.

Comic Lounge: You recently launched a Kickstarter for your book WILLOWBROOK, can you talk a little bit about the book?

Emma: WILLOWBROOK is about a teenage sorceress named Eliza Anderson and her black cat Willow who travel to the small town of Willowbrook to find her grandmother. While in Willowbrook, they see that the whole town is riddled with magical creatures. Eliza stays and helps her grandmother while unraveling a larger darker secret that looms overhead. The Kickstarter is for the first issue to a hopeful ongoing series.

Comic Lounge: Has this been a story you've been think about doing for a while?

Emma: I have been thinking about this story since my second year at the Kubert School (I recently graduated from the three year program in May 2018). I was inspired by all of my favorite young adult shows and movies like Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. I love the young adult genre because it really can have a range in tone, and I love exploring the change in characters as they get older.

Comic Lounge: If the book does well, how long are you planning on doing it?

Emma: If it is successful, we will probably try going back to Kickstarter for a second issue, but I think the main goal is to try a publish it through a larger company so that it is easier being an ongoing series. We have the whole plot of the series planned out, so it would be really awesome to have the time to share it with everyone.

Comic Lounge: You worked on MISS FURY for Dynamite. Was that your first professional work?

Emma: My first professional work was actually for DC Comics. I was a layout artist for one of the YA books in the new line. MISS FURY for Dynamite was my second project.

Comic Lounge: What was that experience like for you?

Emma: I learned a lot about working with an editor and writer while on MISS FURY, it was interesting to see the different viewpoints. I think it was a very important beginning of my career to learn not only the art side, but the business side as well.

Comic Lounge: Are there any any characters you would love a chance to work on if given the opportunity?

Emma: There are MANY characters that I would love to work on, but I always say that I would love to write and draw my own Batgirl mini-series (mostly because she is my favorite character).

Comic Lounge: What books are you currently reading?

Emma: I am actually not currently reading any books (mostly because I am drawing them) but I always have RIP Kirby by Alex Raymond and Dark Knight III: Master Race open on my desk.

Comic Lounge: What would you say to anyone that's on the fence about pledging for Willowbrook?

Emma: If you are on the fence, it is only $5 to get the PDF version of WILLOWBROOK. I guess I would just recommend to try it out, and see if you like it!

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