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Cover #3 (Review): A Modern Masterpiece

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Mack

Publisher: Jinxworld/DC


Bendis and Mack continue to bring readers the most unique book out on the stands right now. This captivating series is worth every penny. These guys are delivering perhaps the best work out of their collaborations.

This issue doesn't really delve to much more into the overall plot, but Bendis goes into the psyche of Max through the different 'stories' of Max. We begin with the 'samurai' story which segues into the 'sad astronaut' 

story.  From there the interrogation from last issue continues, with Max being interrogated by fellow comic artist (and fellow spy as well) Essad Sinns. It is the scene of Max's blind date that was a highlight for me, once it again it shows how much this book is a true love letter to comic book art form and it's fans. Through a simple conversation about cosplay, or the argument between Max and Essad over their current projects. While on the surface this story is about a comic book artist going undercover as a spy for the CIA, this book is so much more than that. 

Once again we are treated to THE most visually appealing books out today. Looking at the art throughout this issue is like walking through a fine art gallery. David Mack is a true master of his craft, he seamlessly transitions from each style to the next with flawless precision. Mack is continuing to expand the boundaries of what a comic book can be artistically.  

This series is a modern masterpiece in the making. There are so many different level to this story that I'm sure I haven't even discovered yet. Being able to read this story over and over again and discovering new things, makes this a truly compelling work of art. The journey that Bendis and Mack have taken us on doesn't come around that often, so enjoy the ride.

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