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SHAZAM! #1 (Review): Bringing The Magic Back

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Dale Eaglesham &

Colorist: Mayo “Sen” Naito

Publisher: DC Comics


After two years focusing his attention on the movies and television side of the DCU, Geoff Johns makes his triumphant return to the world of “SHAZAM!” with his former collaborator Dale Eaglelsham. Johns is known for his critically acclaimed runs at DC such as GREEN LANTERN, FLASH, JSA, TEEN TITANS, AQUAMAN, etc. so it’s very exciting seeing him take a crack at Earth’s Mightiest Mortal.

The story opens with Johns running us through the basic origin of Billy Batson and the lore of the Rock of Eternity. Johns doesn’t waste any time before throwing you right into the action by reintroducing the Shazam’s supporting cast within the first ten pages. Johns’ story is brought to life beautifully by his old JSA partner in crime, Dale Eaglesham. Eaglesham’s art brings out the joy and wonder that every DC book should have; From the electricity flowing through the air in the opening of the story all the way to the dinner scene, Eaglesham captures what makes Shazam’s world so special in the first place, family. Johns and Eaglesham place easter eggs throughout the issue and hint to a larger storyline “Shazam and the Seven Realms”. I don’t want to spoil what happens at the end of the first issue but if what is being shown is true, it will be one of the most significant things to happen to Billy Batson in the last twenty years.

There is also a backup story still written by Johns but drawn by Mayo “Sen” Naito. The short story focuses in on Mary Marvel’s origin. Johns and “Sen” deliver a heartwarming and energetic look into one of DC’s oldest characters. I couldn’t give enough praise to Sen’s artwork, it fits the story perfectly and I hope they keep doing this small character studies of the supporting cast of “SHAZAM!”.

It is very clear Johns and Eaglesham are playing the long game with this series and this is just the start. If you have ever been interested in the character of Shazam or are looking forward to his movie out next year, this is the perfect starting point; From Johns character driven and exciting script to Eaglesham’s magical and energetic artwork this is sure to be one of DC’s best and most fun books in recent memory, this is not one to be missed. SHAZAM!

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