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Christian Duce: From The Shadows To The Light

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Christian Duce has been on fire lately delivering some amazing art full of energy. His style is a perfect match for a book like THE FLASH.

He first garnered attention back in 2008 on a book for Wildstorm, IDES OF BLOOD. Since then he has work on books such as DETECTIVE COMICS, JUSTICE LEAGUE, and NIGHTWING.

The contrast of his style from a darker character like Batman to a brighter character like Flash, has been such an awesome transition to witness. Every page he produces is absolutely electric and pops off the page.

He's currently one of the artists on THE FLASH and is quickly becoming one of the best artists in DC's stable.

COMIC LOUNGE: How did you first break into the comic book industry?

CHRISTIAN DUCE: Well, I started working on comics in 2005. I sent some samples (from Uruguay) to a few small publishers and two of them offered me a project. To be honest, working for both of them was such a bad experience that it almost caused me to give up my dream of drawing comics. The only good thing I got from those experiences were new samples to show around, including the ones that people at Wildstorm found interesting in 2008. I did IDES OF BLOOD for them and then I continued working for DC Comics until today. (I have worked for Marvel occasionally too.)

COMIC LOUNGE: Who are some of the creators that have influenced you artistically?

DUCE: I learned the structure of the human body from Andrew Loomis and Brune Hogarth. I then created a style all of my own in which I try to stay true. 

COMIC LOUNGE: You just finished up an arc on THE FLASH, what do you like most about drawing him? Do you have any plans to work on the character again?

DUCE: Yes, it’s been great to draw THE FLASH  but he’s been a challenge for me.  After having drawn DETECTIVE COMICS my style was darker and had high contrasts. The Flash however, needs to be more dynamic, clear, and have lots of kinetics etc. So, I had to try different things and I actually feel like I’m still learning how to work on him.

COMIC LOUNGE: You've also worked on Batman in the past, how do you approach drawing him as opposed to a "brighter" character like Flash?

DUCE: Honestly, I love drawing Batman.  I feel really comfortable doing dark environments, dark enemies, and of course Batman himself. Actually, I think I created my style based on that character. 

As I said before, doing Flash is a great challenge for me and I love challenges :)

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any writers you would like to work with that you haven't already?

DUCE: I’m very comfortable working with Joshua Williamson at the moment, but I’m always open to work with different writers.

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any characters you would like a chance to draw in the future?

DUCE: Yes, of course! I would love to draw the Justice League (again) and Batman (again).

COMIC LOUNGE: What are your preferred tools to use when drawing?

DUCE: I used to work traditionally (using pencils, pens, brushes, etc.) but since 2013, I do it all digitally.  My tablet is obviously my favorite tool nowadays.

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any books you’re currently working on, announced or unannounced, that you can talk about?

DUCE: Yes, I’m working on several issues of THE FLASH, that are going to start being released in January

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