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Aquaman #43 (Review): The Start of Something Great

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Penciller: Robson Rocha

Inker: Daniel Henriques

Colorist: Sunny Gho

Publisher: DC Comics


Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha hit the ground running with their new take on Aquaman. This is an interesting time to shake up the characters status quo, with the movie being released this week.  With the characters popularity at an all time high, it's a great time to be an Aquaman fan.

Reeling from the events of "Drowned Earth" we pick up with Arthur washed up on an island with amnesia, he doesn't have any memory of his friends and loved ones, not even his own name. This premise is an intriguing one, it shows Arthur as a drifter, which suits his character perfectly. We are introduced to a whole new cast of characters, including the mysterious Caille. It was Caille who discovered Arthur wash up on shore and appears to have taken a liking to him as well.

You can't keep a good hero down, even with amnesia he still comes to the rescue of the villagers as they almost get swept up in the waves trying to catch fish. The fish appear to be poisoned, which ties into the theme of the story, the ocean feelings and magical powers as opposed to something to be wielded. We also learn more about Caille's origin, she's the daughter of Namma who had been banished by the other villagers for hating the ocean. It's clear that she's being to set up as a new adversary of Aquaman, it will be interesting to learn more about her as the story continues.

We get a glimpse as to how Arthur may regain his memories when one of the villagers blackmails him. Loc, a crazy looking old man, says that if he returns Caille to Namma, he will let him drink something called the “Unspoken Water”. This will allow him to remember his past life, which is shown by seeing Mera's face in the cup.

This books stunning visuals our brought to us by the amazing art team of Rocha and Henriques. They transport us to another world with rich landscapes. It's a world full of light yet a hint of darkness, a world shrouded in mystery. Sunny Gho's colors are vibrant and picturesque. They have brought a gravitas to DeConnick's script that is absolutely breathtaking.

While the story is shrouded in mystery this is setting up to

be an interesting new chapter in the long and storied history of Aquaman. With huge shoes to fill, from the acclaimed runs of Peter David, Geoff Johns, and Dan Abnett, Kelly Sue DeConnick's story is shaping up to be something really special.

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