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Graham Nolan: Legendary Batman Artist and Co-Creator of Bane

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Graham first came on the comic book scene in 1985. He did a lot of work over at DC including a 12 issue run on POWER OF THE ATOM in 1988. In 1990 he helped launch HAWKWORLD which he worked on for 26 issues.

It was in 1992 he started a legendary run on DETECTIVE COMICS. He worked on some of the biggest Batman stories in the 90's including the KinghtsFall and KnightsEnd saga. It was during this time that he co-created the popular villain Bane with Chuck Dixon. It was Bane who would later break Batman's back which lead to Azrael taking over the mantle of the Bat. This was just a small sample of the amazing work that Graham did on Batman. His work on Batman will forever be ingrained in my head, as he was the artist that drew some of my favorite Batman stories as a young kid.

Following that he created and published his own comic strip MONSTER ISLAND, which he is reviving over at Ominous Press. He's got other projects in the works also. So be on the look out Graham Nolan fans, because there's no sign of him slowing down.

COMIC LOUNGE: Can you talk about the when you first became a fan of comic books?

GRAHAM NOLAN: I was a fan of “The Adventures of Superman”, “Batman” and the “Spider-Man” tv shows before I read a comic-book.  I was also into “monsters” before comics but would read about the comics goings on in the monster magazines. Finally in the 6th grade my teacher brought in a stack of comics for the class to read during recess and that’s when the light when on!

COMIC LOUNGE: What were some of your favorite comics as a kid?

NOLAN: Superman, Action Comics, Batman, Detective Comics, The Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four.

COMIC LOUNGE: When did you first decide that you wanted to be an artist?

NOLAN: 6th grade when my teacher brought in the comics I mentioned.

COMIC LOUNGE: Who were some artists that inspired you?

NOLAN: Back then it was John Romita, Curt Swan, Irv Novick, Dick Sprang. Later on it was Joe Kubert, Roy Crane, Frank Robbins, John Buscema, Jack Kirby, Alex Toth.

COMIC LOUNGE: What was your first published work?


COMIC LOUNGE: You worked on Batman for a number of years, what is your fondest memory of those years?

NOLAN: The camaraderie of everyone working as a team and supporting one another.

COMIC LOUNGE: You also co-created Bane during that time, where did the inspiration for his design come from? Did you ever think he would become as popular as he did?

NOLAN: The design idea came from the fact he was latino and raised in a prison in Central America. I figured he would be inspired by the Mexican luchador look. He was described to me as an “evil Doc Savage” so for his face (without the mask), I took a “Doc” looking face (widow’s peak and all) and shaved the sides of his head and added the venom ports.

You never can tell how popular something will become. You always hope it will be a hit but who knows how the public will respond.

COMIC LOUNGE: What were your thoughts when you found out they were going to break Batman's back and Bane would be the one to do it?

NOLAN: I thought it was a cool idea. Denny kept being told by the fans that Batman should be more like the Punisher or Wolverine (both really popular at the time) so he decided to give the fans what they thought they wanted and why that’s a bad idea for Batman.

COMIC LOUNGE: Do you have any projects that you're currently working on that you can talk about?

NOLAN: Yes! My 20th Anniversary Edition of MONSTER ISLAND is currently at the printers. It’s an oversized hardcover, 11x17 shot from the original artwork published by Ominous Press. There is also my character designs, sketches and an 8 page color prologue to the upcoming, long awaited sequel, “RETURN TO MONSTER ISLAND (which is what I am currently working on). You can check these books out at: 

I’m also writing a series for Aftershock Comics called, THE GIRLS OF DIMENSION 13

COMIC LOUNGE: What is your favorite project that you've worked on?

NOLAN: It’s a toss up between, Monster Island, Joe Frankenstein or my humor strip, Sunshine State.

COMIC LOUNGE: Do you have a dream project that you would like to do?

NOLAN: I’m at a point in my career where I’m more interested in creating new properties and stories that I can own rather than work-for-hire at Marvel or DC. I have a couple properties I will be pitching in the coming year.

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