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Interview with Writer/Artist Tim Seeley

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Tim Seeley is not just an amazing writer, but a talented artist as well. He illustrated G.I. JOE in the early 00's as well as LOVEBUNNY & MR. HELL for Devil's Due and Image Comics.

His writing is where I first discovered his work though. He has worked on many books over at DC as well as creator owned books. When he helped launch GRAYSON, a fresh take on Dick Grayson, it quickly became one of the most unique books in DC's lineup. Seeing Dick no longer in the Nightwing identity but as a spy was a stroke of genius. After GRAYSON ended he helped relaunch NIGHTWING for 'Rebirth' which was one of the best runs of the character.

One of the titles Tim is best know for is his horror book, HACK/SLASH. The book stars Cassie Hack, a horror victim, who strikes back at the 'monsters' who prey upon teenagers. He also wrote another awesome horror/sci-fi book REVIVAL, a zombie book unlike any other before it.

Tim is staying busy as ever and is launching a few series in the coming months. DARK RED, coming out from Aftershock, is sure to be another hit and is a book that should be added to everyone's pull list. 

COMIC LOUNGE: You've been in comics for a while now, when did you decide you wanted to become a comic creator?

TIM SEELEY: When I was 6. I still have a letter Marvel sent me when I was 10, after I wrote them a lengthy inquiry about how I could get them to hire me. 

COMIC LOUNGE: When did you get your first work published?

SEELEY: Technically, I guess it was a when I was 17, in a comic called 5th Panel Comics Presents. I wrote and drew a story called CYBERSAUR! As far as real, mainstream stuff, I guess my first published work would be a pun up in the G.I.JOE Preview book in 2000 when I was 23.

COMIC LOUNGE: Who were some creators that inspired you growing up?

SEELEY: I loved most everything and everyone at some point...the ones that really stand out over time are Alfredo Alcala, Erik Larsen, Jack Kirby, Grant Morrison, John Byrne and James O’Barr.   

COMIC LOUNGE: Your creator owned series HACK/SLASH has been very successful. Where did the idea for the book come from?

SEELEY: The short story is that I was watching a slasher marathon on AMC while home sick and hopped up on cough medicine. And I wondered what kind of person would live in a world where all of these movies were real. The longer version involves all of that plus a girl at a comicon, a conversation with Marshall Dillon, and a pile of 70s horror comic magazines.

COMIC LOUNGE: Can we expect more HACK/SLASH stories in the future?

SEELEY: Oh yeah, of course. We’re doing HACK/SLASH vs CHAOS! Right now in fact.  And we’re planning another big story to follow that.

COMIC LOUNGE: You've also done a lot of work over at DC, especially with Dick Grayson in GRAYSON and NIGHTWING. Were you always a huge fan of the character ?

SEELEY: As Robin, yeah, for sure. As a kid, Robin was my entry-point into DC, and through him I got into Batman and Titans and other stuff. I never LOVED the Nightwing identity honestly, because it always played as a sort of Daredevil-lite, but I love Dick Grayson wholeheartedly.

COMIC LOUNGE: What did you like most about your time with the character?

SEELEY: GRAYSON for sure. That was a creative highlight for me, and I got to work with Tom, Jeremy and Mikel to make what I still think was one of the freshest takes ever done on ol’ Dick. I like RAPTOR a lot too, and feel like he should be used more often.

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any characters you would like a chance to work on in the future?

SEELEY: Yeah, sure. I’ve got an idea for Tigra over at Marvel I’ve always wanted to do. And I’d love to come back to Blade at some point. I’ve got an idea for Firestorm and one for Frankenstein at DC kicking around too.

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any books you're working on that you can talk about or tease?

SEELEY: I’ve got the aforementioned HACK/SLASH vs. CHAOS! Which is a ton of gory fun and horror. And DARK RED, my “vampire in Trump country” series from Aftershock with Corin Howell, Mark Englert and Aaron Campbell. I’m writing a crazy ass X-Men series for Marvel called APOCALYPSE & THE X-TRACTS which features a hippy guru Apocalypse. And, then, of course, three obligatory “can’t talk about it” books!

COMIC LOUNGE: Outside of comics where do you draw inspiration from for your writing?

SEELEY: Largely from the news and real life, but as far as other fiction goes, it’s mostly movies these days. I was always kind of a film buff, but it’s gotten much worse in the past few years. I watch a movie almost every day. I really need to read more.

COMIC LOUNGE: What does being a writer/artist mean to you?

It means being really stressed out all the time, and swinging between levels of extreme confidence to total imposter syndrome. And, I guess, it means, at this point, I don’t really know anything else, and I’m not sure I could be anything else.

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