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Talking With Artist Jorge Fornés

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Jorge Fornés it's a comic artist from who hails from Spain. He began drawing comics by working on short stories and graphic novels for the Spanish market. His made his debut in the US at DC, on Detective Comics , then he started in Marvel on THUNDERBOLTS and WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN and then on the return of the Juggernaut in AMAZING X-MEN. He also worked on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, a Dr. Strange short story, the DR. STRANGE MOVIE PRELUDE and an exclusive variant cover for the final issue of the Star Trek IDW series. He also helped revamp MAGNUS for Dynamite Entertainment along with writer Kyle Higgins.

Recently his worked graced the pages of BATMAN, where his style was perfectly suited for Tom King's story. With a style reminiscent of David Mazzuchelli, we can only hope we get to see more of his Dark Knight in the future.

COMIC LOUNGE: When did you first become a fan of comic books?

JORGE FORNES: I've been a fan of comic books since I was a child. I learned to read from them. I don't know why but I always felt an attraction to this medium... Marvel, DC,Asterix,Tintin... anything that fell into my hands, I spent all the day reading and drawing...

COMIC LOUNGE: Who were some of the artists/comics that inspired you?

FORNES: A lot of classics and 70's/80's artist. I grew up with the wave of all the great comic books of the 80's, DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, WATCHMEN, DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN, SWAMP THING, VIGILANTE, THE QUESTION...and these comic books are still my references. From artists like Alex Raymond, Dikto, Kirby or Toth, to Frank Miller, obviously Mazzucchelli, Cowan, Sienkiewicz...a lot of them.

COMIC LOUNGE: What was your first published work?

FORNES: My first published works were 14 pages in DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #3(2011) and THUNDERBOLTS #30. I got my first 2 gigs 5 years ago at Marvel & DC in the same week....I was very lucky to have the chance of show my work to great editors.

COMIC LOUNGE: You recently did an issue of BATMAN that was reminiscent of David Mazzucchelli's style. Was he someone you were channeling when drawing the issue?

FORNES: Yeah, of course, Mazzucchelli is a great reference for me, I'm a big fan of his Batman, I think that "Year One" are one of the best comic books of the character. But there are also a lot other influences too, Miller, Mignola, Toth.... I love this way of clearly storytelling and the classic "man with a costume" look to show the hero....I'm not a big fan of the "muscle men"...haha

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any plans for you to draw more issues?

FORNES: Well, I'm starting to work on issue 66 right now, I would love to draw more issues of course, I'm a huge fan of Tom King's work and of the character too, but we'll see how things go.

COMIC LOUNGE: What other characters would you like to work on in the future?

FORNES: I'm a big fan of The Question, Hellblazer, Moon knight or Daredevil, maybe is something from the 80's too, haha, I can remember to read and read again great sagas with this characters years ago, the incredible works of Moore,Miller, Cowan,Mignola... I love this kind of comic-books, with urban, lonely and sad heroes....

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any other projects you're working on that you can talk about?

FORNES: Yes, I'm finishing HOT LUNCH SPECIAL at Aftershock too, I'm the co-creator with Eliot Rahal and I've really enjoyed working on this title, Eliot is a great writter and a better person. I think that we're doing something special, different from everything you can find now in stores. I hope to have the chance to work with Eliot again at some point, they were a lot of fun months working on this.

COMIC LOUNGE: When illustrating do you prefer to draw traditionally or digitally?

FORNES: I'm working most on digital right now, it's just a question of time...but usually I draw some pages on paper because I enjoy to work this way as well. I love to ink and it's more fun to do it traditionally, I guess I'm always changing according to the time that I have.

COMIC LOUNGE: What does being an artist mean to you?

FORNES: Well, is hard to say "ARTIST" in this business, there are a lot of them out there of course, but I don't think of myself as such. I mean, I've wanted to draw comic books since I can remember. But I think that making a comic book is a team thing. I just try to tell the writer's story clearly and fun for the reader. You must forget about the ego and work in the best way possible based on the story, and it has to be the same for all the people involved in the project. We're trying to make the best story as possible, and the only way that you can try to do a good product, is always working for the story, not for yourself...

So, I don't see myself as an artist, I just hope to be a good part of the team and make great comic books of course....

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