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Deadly Class #36 (Review): Marcus Has A Bad Trip

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Wes Craig

Colorist: Jordan Boyd

Publisher: Image Comics


With the imminent arrival of the TV show of “Deadly Class”, the comic book makes its return from hiatus in its 36th installment. There is a lot to look forward to if you’re a fan of DEADLY CLASS and this issue is the perfect way to get yourself up to speed if you’ve forgotten some of the events that have happened in the series thus far; whether it be Rick Remender’s insightful dialogue, Wes Craig’s psychedelic artwork, or Jordan Boyd’s vibrant colors, this is not an issue to be missed.

This issue picks up almost directly where the last issue left off. Marcus and his friends alone in the desert on the run from teenage assassins and Yakuza; the only difference in this new issue is Marcus is tripping off Peyote and is forced to face his demons and the people he has lost over the course of the series. Rick Remender delivers a powerful issue and really hammers home how Marcus views himself as a person and how his negativity affects those he loves. Remender does a fantastic job at catching you up to speed while not making it feel like just a recap issue; this tale feels like a very important moment in the overall series, yet it doesn’t fall into the trap that a lot of comics do of feeling like filler until the next big storyline.

I can’t forget to talk about Wes Craig’s beautiful artwork that paints Marcus’ tale of loss and doubt. Craig showcases Marcus’ inner demons so cleverly through taking us on a journey through Marcus’ dark, twisted, and depressing view of his life and how he ruins the lives of others. All of Craig’s artwork is helped by Jordan Boyd’s stunning colors. Boyd helps add to the psychedelic nature of what Marcus is going through. The art team did an amazing job at having Marcus confront his own demons and left him in a place where he is ready to face them head on.

By the end of the issue we have a new mission for our characters. A mission for revenge and to finally be free of their past. This issue is not just a great recap issue, I believe it’s one of the best issues in the entire run because it gives Marcus so much growth as a character. Marcus now wants to be in charge of his own life and that starts with returning to Kings Dominion. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the comic or just want to pick up the new issue because you’re excited for the new TV show, you can’t go wrong with Deadly Class #36.

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