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Interview With Ryan Ferrier

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Ryan Ferrier is a comic book writer best known for his acclaimed original series D4VE and HOT DAMN. He has gone on to write numerous series based on established properties such as ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGER, SONS OF ANARCHY and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES UNIVERSE, to name a few.

He recently launched to new books over at Dark Horse. One was an original graphic novel, CRIMINY, with Roger Langridge. The other was a mini-series, DEATH ORB, with Alejandro Aragon.

Ryan is constantly staying busy and has more unannounced books set to come out this year. He's a unique voice in comics and whatever books he's working on, if they're anything like his past projects, we're all in for some great stories.

COMIC LOUNGE: What was your first comic that made you fall in love with the medium? RYAN FERRIER: The first comic I remember getting as a child, and immediately connecting with, is CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7. That iconic cover of Superman holding a dead Supergirl just floored me. I still have that very comic to this day. On an emotional level, it wasn’t until many years later, when I read Jason’s Hey, Wait, that I truly fell in love with the medium and wanted to be a part of it and tell my own stories that would hopefully connect with people in the same way.

COMIC LOUNGE: Who were some of the writers that inspired you to become a writer?

FERRIER: The aforementioned cartoonist Jason was and still is a huge influence on me. Chris Claremont, Warren Ellis, and Matt Fraction became big inspirations for me once I started making my own comics. Brian Level is a dear, close friend of mine who is also currently my biggest influence and creative partner.

COMIC LOUNGE: What was your first published work?

FERRIER: I self-published for several years before being able to work with known publishers. Tiger Lawyer was a fun little series that allowed me to get a foot in the door. After that, D4VE became the thing that allowed me to stay in, so to speak, which started at Monkeybrain Comics before shifting to IDW.

COMIC LOUNGE: Your series D4VE was very well recieved, for those that may not be familiar can you talk a little bit about the series? Where did the inspiration for the book come from?

FERRIER: D4VE is essentially an incredibly human story as told through robots, decades after they wiped out humankind yet adopted their entire way of life. It focuses on the titular character, D4VE, who used to be important but is now a desk-job loser with a failing marriage. The entire first volume is basically his mid-life crisis unfolding in the wake of an extra-terrestrial invasion. It’s very satirical and tongue-in-cheek, and all kinds of filthy. I was completely and entirely inspired by a day job I had in my early twenties that was so soul-suckingly horrible. Really I wanted to paint that picture of not living the life or being the person you know you can be.

COMIC LOUNGE: You've written a lot of books based on existing properties, what do you like best about writing those books?

FERRIER: I really enjoy the challenge of writing for licensed properties. I feel that if you’re not putting your own voice to it, or infusing the story and characters with your own experiences, you’re not really doing it properly. I have no interest on writing a facsimile or created expected stories, so I really enjoy the feeling of playing in someone else’s sandbox and creating something new within it while totally respecting the work that’s come before it. And, let’s face it, a lot of these things I grew up with, be it TMNT or whatever, so there is a personal nostalgia that scratches a small part of the itch.

COMIC LOUNGE: One of the books was ROCKO'S MODER LIFE, that was always a favorite of mine as a kid. Were you a fan growing up as well?

FERRIER: I was! Rocko’s was seemingly made just for me. It was such a weird cartoon, ahead of its time and wickedly smart. It was so cheeky and unlike a lot of other content at the time, which really hooked me. Even now as an adult, revisiting the show and working on new stories showed the potential of that show.

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any characters you would like a chance to work on in the future?

FERRIER: I don’t really have a checklist per se, and I see the appeal in a fair amount of characters. I’ll usually pick making my own before tackling something established, but, that being said, I’d like to take a crack at Robin, Superman, and Spider-Man at some point before I leave this world. I think sensibility wise I could do something really interesting with Deadpool. And for some reason, James Bond is a character that has floated into my radar as something I could do differently.

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any other books you're working on that you can talk about or tease?

FERRIER: DEATH ORB, my creator-owned series through Dark Horse with Alejandro Aragon and Chris O’Halloran is still coming out. My graphic novel, CRIMINY, with Roger Langridge is still hot on the shelves. As for this year, I’ve got several things unannounced, including a graphic novel co-written with Brian Level, as well as a RICK AND MORTY one-shot, a series with Image, a series with ties to Netflix, and some more creator-owned stories I’m really excited about, all that will be announced early spring, I believe.

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