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Daredevil #1(Review): The Devil is Back But Broken

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist: Marco Checchetto

Publisher: Marvel Comics


It's become somewhat of a tradition for each new DAREDEVIL writer to pick up the pieces of Matt's life following the previous run. Charles Soule ended his run on DAREDEVIL earlier this year, with Matt Murdock barely surviving getting hit by a truck after saving a bystander. While fighting for his life, he dreamt that he finally defeated Wilson Fisk only to realize that he dreamt it and had been in a coma the whole time after the accident.

Zdarsky brings us right back into Matt's world in a way that feels fresh yet familiar at the same time. While Matt's life isn't in shambles, his body still hasn't recovered from the accident. His life as Daredevil has taken a toll on his body over the years and it's clear that he's not at a 100 percent. Stopping a few muggers, which should have been a cake walk for him, had him fighting for his life. Even though he manages to defeat them, we learn at the end of the story that he inadvertently may have killed one of the muggers. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this predicament that Matt has found himself in.

While Zdarsky is usually know for his humor, I was intrigued when I learned he would be relaunching the book. After this issue all doubts have been put to rest. He has such a fantastic handle on who Matt is and why he is Daredevil. His use of flashbacks to Matt as a kid, showing that even at a young age he wanted to help people, was a great touch. While I've enjoyed past runs of DAREDEVIL, I haven't been this excited about a relaunch of the title since Ed Brubaker took over years ago.

Not only did we get a phenomenal story but we were treated to the gorgeous and gritty art of Marco Checchetto. His clean and crisp linework give the story and environment a grounded and realistic look. Having been a fan of his work on PUNISHER a few years back, I couldn't think of a better artist to have on this title. This might be the best work he's put out to date. From his action scenes to the small intimate moments, he excels in very aspect.

Marvel has been putting out some great series lately, from IMMORTAL HULK and VENOM, to the recent relaunch of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. It look like they have another hit on their hands. They put together a fantastic creative team for this book (Zdarsky and Checchetto you guys are amazing) and it will be exciting to see where this book goes in the coming months. These guys are worth successors to the long line of great Daredevil creators.

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