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Jonboy Meyers Talks Past Work and What The Future Holds

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Jonboy Meyers is one of the most unique talents in the industry. His style is unlike anyone else and is instantly recognizable. He brings an energy through his art that make it seem as if the characters are gonna jump off the page.No matter what he's working on, you know he's gonna bring that unique artistic flair that you won't see anywhere else.

He has been drawing comic books since the 90's. After working for years on independent books, he landed a gig at MV Creations, working on MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. From their his career exploded. Since then he has worked on numerous projects  for most of the major publishers, TEEN TITANS (DC), THE ROYALS (Marvel), and SPAWN (Image), to name a few.

Not only does he illustrate comic books but he does character design for video games and animation as well. From each project to the next, his art gets continually better, there's no stopping this dude. He just finished a successful Kickstarter for his  SKETCHBOOK Vol.2 and is hard at work on his creator owned book, PRINCESS DRAGONKILLER.

COMIC LOUNGE: What was your introduction to comics as a kid?

JONBOY MEYERS: It was through my Dad, who worked as Military Policeman in the military and would periodically bring home comics they bought home for soldiers sobering up in the Drunk tank.  Mostly War comics like SGT. ROCK, CREATURE COMMANDOES and WEIRD WAR TALES.  

COMIC LOUNGE: Which comic books or creators inspires you to become an artist?  Early on hands Down

JM: Joe Kubert and Alfredo Alcala were the first, from the war comics I was reading, then I got my first Captain America comic drawn by Jack Kirby and I about lost my mind.  But after that mostly a lot of the 90s artists were super inspiring to me, guys like Michael Golden, Arthur Adams, Scott Campbell and Joe Mad were guys I thought were just doing it different from everyone else.

COMIC LOUNGE: You've done a lot of work at the "Big Two", one project was TEEN TITANS. You stepped away early in the project, what happened?

JM: Mostly contract issues that affected my pay and lack of proper credit for writing a large portion of the plot to TEEN TITANS REBIRTH.  Rather than butt heads, I opted to just be a pro and move on to something else.

COMIC LOUNGE: Something similar happened at Marvel with THE ROYALS. Do you ever see yourself working with Marvel or DC again?  

JM: Pretty much the same thing, I found that the contracts you sign are very difficult for Editorial to adhere to since it can affect their publishing schedule, which they have very little time or ability to deviate from—every 30 days advertised product needs to go out regardless...  So it’s a bit of a disconnect and everyone tries to do the best they can—but in the end things fell way short of the contract we signed—so again it’s just best to shake hands and move onto something else more financially stable.

And yes, I still do work for both companies, doing covers at DC and Toy and Statue Design for Marvel Entertainment.  I do want to say that just because things don’t necessarily work out the way everyone wants it to doesn’t mean the door is just to work on things in the future.

COMIC LOUNGE: You also worked on SPAWN, which is one of my favorite renditions of the character. What was that experience like?

JM: It was one of the BEST professional work experiences I’ve ever had.  And I really enjoyed working with writer Paul Jenkins, we got to collaborate together to really make something special and working with Todd was a dream come true.

COMIC LOUNGE: You recently launched a Kickstarter for a new sketchbook.  What can we expect to see in the book?

JM: Oh thank you—yes the book is a very true to from Sketchbook and artbook. It has concept design work in it, Sketches, Cover Roughs and page layouts, pretty much process and ideation stuff as well as final product images. It’s over a 100 pages of awesome :)

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any plans for more Kickstarter projects?

JM: Yeah maybe, if my creator owned book, PRINCESS DRAGON KILLER, can’t find a home with a publisher, I may just Kickstarter a GN :)

COMIC LOUNGE: Do you have any characters you would like to work on in the future?

JM: Lol oh sure, I would love another crack at Spawn and Teen Titans and of course Batman and Captain America.

COMIC LOUNGE: Are there any projects you're currently working on that you can talk about? Maybe about PRINCESS DRAGON KILLER?

JM: I can’t say much until I announce, but  the short of it PRINCESS DRAGON KILLER is about an Elven Princess who slays Dragons with her huge freaking magical sword.

COMIC LOUNGE: What does being an artist mean to you?

I think it’s about telling stories and putting out art that engages people and inspire.  I would love to do what past comics and comic artists have done for me, inspire me to drawn and tell stories and keep our art form alive :)

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