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Batman #68 (Review): The Bachelorette Party

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Tom King

Artist: Amanda Connor

Colorists: Paul Mounts, John Timms, and Jordie Bellaire

Publisher: DC Comics


Let me start off by saying,"Knightmares hasn't exactly been my favorite arc. While the art in every issue has been amazing, parts of the stories left me disconnected and unsure of where the story was going. Well Tom King, you've done it again, you pulled me right back in. This was without a doubt my favorite issue of this arc. It definitely helps that one of my favorite artists, Amanda Connor, was on art duties.

This issue was the least "nightmarish" of the arc, it was the bachelorette party that could have been. It paired Selina and Lois as the celebrate at the Fortress of Solitude. The dynamic between these two characters is a match made in heaven. I've said it before, we need a book starring Catwoman and Lois Lane. King writes the most entertaining issue of this arc yet. From watching these two stumble around the Fortress drunk and being waited on by Superman robots, hilarity ensues from page to page.

While the ladies are having fun, of course Bruce and Clark are having a quiet night of playing chess and eating dinner. The scenes between them perfectly showcase their relationship. It's here that we see why this is a "Knightmare", Bruce fears being happy. By the end of the issue, we see our couples reunited and then get brought back to reality where Bruce is strapped down to a table by some unknown villain. It will be interesting to finally find out who has been putting Bruce through these series of "Knightmares".

The best part of this book had to be Amanda Connor's art. Every time I see her work, it brings a smile to my face. It's full of life, humor and just a touch of reality. You can tell she enjoyed every minute of drawing this book. It shows with every page. You remember how I said we need a Catwoman/Lois Lane book, well Amanda needs to be the one drawing it.

Overall while this hasn't been my favorite arc, it definitely finished off strong. Tom King is crafting a masterpiece with this epic run. The final page and the upcoming arcs have me excited like I can't even begin to describe. While I know there are dark days ahead for Batman, it's always nice to have issues like this that can make you laugh a little.

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