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Batman #69 (Review): The Knightmare Is Over

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Tom King

Artist: Yanick Paquette

Colorist: Nathan Fairbairn

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Publisher: DC Comics



Ok Tom King, you've done it again. You follow up that last issue with yet another great story. When I finished this issue I literally yelled out loud "F**k Yeah Tom King!". Like I said last time, this hasn't been my favorite arc, but holy shit, this issue was even better than the last. As Tom King is ramping up toward the endgame of his run, this is definitely not a book you wanna miss.

The majority if this issue spends it's time having Bruce figure out what has happened to him and how he's going to get out of it. As some fans suspected, he has been given a strain of Scarecrow's fear serum. Month's ago Batman exposed himself to various strains so that he would be able to overcome them if ever exposed. The best part is learning that this particular strain while it induces fear , to much fear can overcome it. All he had to do was find his greatest fear, which happens to involve Selina/Catwoman leaving him. He was to afraid to ask why she left. She tells him that he can't love her, because essentially he loves being Batman more. I hate the thought of them not ending up together. But Tom King still has a lot of story to tell, so I'm holding on to the "wait and see" approach.

For a majority of Bruce's Knightmares , Selina has been a constant , which is brought to the forefront expertly through Yanick Paquette's amazing art. The story show's Bruce and Selina dancing throughout the issue going through various costume changes. My favorite had to be the call back to Frank Miller's BATMAN: YEAR ONE. This issue was an artistic masterpiece, visually stunning with every page. Yanick is a master at his craft and it shows with every piece of art he produces. His art partnered with Nathan Fairbairn's colors elevates this issue into another dimension.

The side story in this issue has Bane and Thomas Wayne/Flashpoint Batman, fighting in some unknown location. The paring of these two characters seeking to "end" Batman is an interesting and compelling story. They each have their reasons for wanting Batman gone. When Thomas was reintroduced during "The Button", I never would have guessed this would be the outcome. I still can't figure out why Thomas would team up with Bane, and I like that. Answers are sure to be revealed soon with the "City of Bane" arc, which I'm sure all of us are eagerly awaiting.

We are left with Selina thanking Bruce for the "dance" and telling him "It's time to wake up". Where will Bruce be when he wakes up? What will he do to Bane and those that did this to him? With this story ending and King gearing up for "City of Bane", this is an exciting time in BATMAN. King has crafted an amazing epic so far. If you aren't reading it I suggest you catch up now. If you are reading, get ready guys because it's about to get crazy.

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