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Naomi #4 (Review) A Reveal That Poses More Questions

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writers: Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker

Artist: Jamal Campbell

Letterer: Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC Comics



NAOMI has been an absolute delight since it made it's debut. What Bendis, Walker and Campbell have created with this book has been truly something special. From the time it was announced their was a shroud of mystery and promise of something really big over the title. With each passing issue Bendis and Walker have been giving is great characterization coupled with the suspense of finding out who Naomi is. This issue promised revelations, which it did, but also lead to more questions.

We picked up where we left off last issue with Naomi's dad bringing her to a spaceship, which she though was her's. We learn that it wasn't, it was her father's. Her dad comes form the planet Rann, which as all of you DC heads know, is where Adam Strange performs most of his heroic deeds. Once again, we the readers, are thrown a curveball. Now we know that her dad is from Rann and fell in love with an Earth woman when he is sent to Earth to capture Dee, who is from Thanagar. Just like Naomi, we are left wondering "where does she come from?"

While on Earth Naomi's dad settles onto his life on Earth forgetting all about Rann. One day a rip in space happens over the town, which also gets Dee's attention. Through this tera appears 3 people chasing some mysterious woman holding a baby. After the woman is killed, the mysterious people leave, leaving the baby in Dee and the Dad's hands. The baby is Naomi. It will be interesting to see what happened in the days after they we're left with Naomi. Even more interesting that people on two opposing side of a galactic war, coming together to hide this girl and watch over her.

This character driven story as so well written and is paired with some of the best art to ever grace a comic book page. Jamal Campbell continues to blow my mind with each issue. From small, intimate moments to big splash pages, I find myself going back and looking at every minute detail, gushing over this amazing art. Don't even get me started on the coloring of this book, it's out of this world. While Bendis and Walker have given us an amazing story, it wouldn't be what it is without Campbell.

With only 2 issues left of NAOMI, Vol.1 at least, It will be interesting to see what other revelations will be discovered. That last page literally made my jaw drop. Thank you Bendis, Walker, and Campbell for creating something so unique and refreshing in the DCU, can't

wait to see what you guys cook up next.

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