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Punk Mambo #1 (Review)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Adam Gorham

Colors: Jose Villarrubia

Publisher: Valiant


I just recently started reading Valiant books, BLOODSHOT being my favorite, but I'm intrigued by this collection of titles and varying genres that the publisher has to offer. When I first saw the cover of PUNK MAMBO, I knew I had to read it.

The main character, Punk Mambo, is a practicing voodoo priestess who reminds me a lot of Constantine from DC Comics. Not to say that it feel like a rip off of that character, but there are definitely some similarities. This girl is full of attitude and swagger. From the get go, Cullen Bunn gives us her backstory through inner monologue. She controls a Loa,a voodoo god named Aye, whereas most people get controlled by the Loa. She's on the hunt for someone named Grunch, and it's here we see her powers on full display. Adam Gorham's art is one of the main draws for this book, his design of the character and the seedy underbelly of New Orleans with all it's interesting side characters was top knotch.

We learn that Punk, do to her powers, hasn't aged for the past 40 years. But after this last battle, it seems that her powers might be waning and her Loa isn't answering her. While all of New Orleans is celebrating Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, Punk is paid a visit by the Queen herself. As you would imagine, Punk isn't well liked among the Voodoo gods, but Marie offers to help her find out where Aye has gone. After a quick trip to Haiti, Punk finds herself in a church where the Loa tell her that they have a mission for her.

Punk Mambo is an interesting character and I'm interested in learning more about her backstory. While the issue felt a little all over the place for a first issue, and at times the plot felt a little predictable, it was definitely worth picking up. The writing was good and the art was great. If you aren't familiar with the Valiant universe, don't worry, PUNK MAMBO, as well as the rest of their books stand completely on their own. If your a fan of Constantine this is definetly a book for you.

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