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Action Comics #1010 (Review) Superman Undercover

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Steve Epting

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Publisher: DC Comics


Who would have thought that one of the best spy stories in years would come in ACTION COMICS, I sure didn't. From the beginning of Bendis' run on this title it has been one  of DC's best books, but this current arc has been by far it's best arc yet.

In "Leviathan Rising" we have seen most of the major spy organizations destroyed, with it's leaders scattered across the world. In the opening scene we have Director Bones, of the DEO, being questioned by Kate Spencer. Only it's not her, but who I'm assuming is Talia Al Ghul. He doesn't give her the information she seeks, and as she leaves his bunker, has apparently incapacitated him in some way. It's interesting that all of these major players are being taken off the board prior to EVENT LEVIATHAN, I can only imagine who's next.

We can't forget that Amanda Waller is also being held at the Fortress of Solitude, after confronting Superman in his secret identity. Amanda has always been a great character, and I love the way she's being utilized in this arc. Her conversation with Kelex, was hilarious. I love the paranoia of the story, Jimmy Olsen thinks she's Leviathan and has been orchestrating this whole thing. It's an interesting theory and I wouldn't put it past Amanda.

The great part about this issue is following Chaz and Andi, Clark and Lois' undercover identities. We get to learn how they got those ID's from Nemesis while on an adventure with Checkmate. This is such a fascinating new dynamic added to these characters, kudos Bendis. As they meet up with their Spyral contact, Tiger, they are attacked by some mysterious hulking being. The look on Tiger's face when he realizes Chaz has been Superman this whole time, was priceless. Steve Epting expertly illustrated that scene, you can see the confusion on Tiger's face as well as frustration for not realizing it sooner.

At the end of the issue, after defeating this mysterious being, Superman returns only to find that Lois and Tiger have been taken. He's also glowing blue after the battle, I wonder if this means anything, but I guess we'll have to wait till next issue.

Overall, this has to be one of the strongest issues in the arc yet. The tension and distrust in what you think you know, has been expertly executed by Bendis. His script continues to keep you on the edge of your seat and constantly guessing. Epting was a perfect choice for this arc, his style suits the dark and mysterious tone of this story. It makes me yearn for more VELVET from him and Brubaker. Hopefully these two have another project in the works after they conclude this arc, a Checkmate book perhaps or maybe a relaunch of Green Arrow. With the stakes getting higher, it only makes the anticipation for EVENT LEVIATHAN that much stronger. This is  a book that should be at the top of everybody's read pile.

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