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Year of the Villain #1(Review): The Villains Time Is Now

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writers: Scott Snyder, Brian Michael Bendis and James Tynion IV

Artists: Jim Cheung, Alex Maleev and Francis Manapul

Colorists: Tomeu Morey, Maleev and Manapul

Publisher: DC Comics


This is it guys, the Year of the Villain has started. With so many villain centric stories set to premier over the next couple months, this was the perfect primer. With an all star cast of creators and at $0.25 there is no reason not to pick this book up. If you've been following DC's books (Justice League, Batman, Action Comics), this is a perfectly continuation of what's already been happening in those books. If you haven't been reading, don't worry, this is a perfect jumping on point. Not to mention there is plenty of bonus material in the back that talks about what has happened previously and what to expect in the future.

We are treated to 3 awesome stories, 2 of which build off of the major events happening in JUSTICE LEAGUE and one leading in to Bendis' EVENT LEVIATHAN. Tynion and Cheung show us just how far Luthor and his Legion of Doom will go to achieve their goals. In that story we are teased with what DC has referred to as "The Offer", which will take place in all the DC books in July. Luthor is going to help all the villains of the DCU buy "upgrading" them. It will be interesting to see what each villain does with this offer. More importantly, will any of them succeed in taking out the heroes?

EVENT LEVIATHAN is shaping up to be one of the most unique DC events in the history of the company. In Bendis and Maleev's story we see Batgirl and Green Arrow going after Merlyn, a member of the League of Assassins. Leviathan has been going around the DCU taking out countless secret organizations, and it seems they've taken out another one. Seeing Green Arrow and Batgirl teamed up, I something I never expected but really enjoyed. After Leviathan capture the two heroes, Batgirl is given an offer, but we never see her answer.. Leviathan has been a mystery for months

now, and it seems that maybe Damian/Robin might have it figured out. This story only amplified my excitement for this story. A crime/noir mystery is exactly what the DCU needs and who better than these two creators to deliver it.

The final story by Snyder and Manapul tease the much talked about "Justice/Doom War". With all of the villains gathering, it's only natural that the heroes do so as well. That splash page by Manapul was beautiful and had some surprising characters in it as well. With Perpetua finally gaining power, thanks to Luthor, it will be very interesting to see what she has panned for Luthor after that last page reveal.

With so many great DC stories coming out over the next few months such as EVENT LEVIATHAN, "City of Bane", the debut of BATMAN/SUPERMAN, and the eventual "Justice/Doom War", it's an awesome time to be a DC fan. This is the perfect book to jump on board with and builds towards an exciting future.

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