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The Comic Lounge Picks of the Week (5/8)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Here we are again guys, another week and another batch of picks. Hopefully you guys all enjoyed this years Free Comic Book Day. There was a ton of great book produced this year, many teasing upcoming storylines and some showcasing some new titles altogether. It's crazy how big this day has become in not just the nerd community but amongst the entire country. It also happened to land on Star Wars Day which made it even more epic. Speaking of Star Wars, I want to take a second to honor the late Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca. He passed away this past week and will truly be missed. May the Force be with you sir.

Ok guys, backs to the picks. Once again there's a lot of great stuff this week. With so many books I know it can be hard to decide what to buy, so here are a few recommendations that are definitely worth getting.


This is it guys, Flash Year One is here. After months of waiting, Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter's Barry Allen origin story will tell the story that has never been told before. While we all know how Barry became the Flash, this is set to dive deeper into that. While other heroes have had "Year One" stories, we've never seen Barry's. This book has been a must read since Williamson took over for "Rebirth, I can't give this book enough praise. For all of you DC and Flash fans, you can't miss this book. If you haven't been reading FLASH, shame on you, this is the perfect jumping on point.

Here's the solicit:

"The Flash Year One" starts here! Barry Allen feels helpless in his life in Central City. As a forensic scientist, he's always catching criminals after they've committed their crimes. All that changes one fateful night when Barry is struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals. When he wakes from a coma, he realizes he can run at incredible speeds. Can Barry master these powers and be the hero his city needs...or will the powers burn through him?


I shouldn't even have to convince you why you need to get this book. If you've been reading it, you know that Scott Snyder and Jock have been delivering one of the best books from DC over these past few months. The Batman Who Laughs, is a terrifying new villain that was introduced in last years METAL event. He became a breakout character and has been tormenting Batman ever since. This series has consistently gotten better with each issue and is setting up some big things in the DCU, while also being self contained and fully enjoyable on it's own. They also just announced a 7th issue and more printing of the previously sold out issues, So if you haven't read it yet, you have plenty of time to catch up.

Here's the solicit:

It's a battle to the death as Batman goes head-to-head with the Grim Knight! The Caped Crusader is forced to not only fight off the most evil version of himself, but the growing desire to turn his back on his moral code and commit cold-blooded murder. Any other time, Batman would be able to stay on the straight and narrow, but as the Joker serum finally takes over his body, Bruce Wayne may just succumb to pure evil, and kill the Grim Knight. All of this is foreseen by the Batman Who Laughs, who has been planning for the corruption of Bruce Wayne, banking on him activating the "Last Laugh" protocol and turning Gotham City into an incubator for evil. All the Batman Who Laughs needs is one last "Happy Bruce" from another dimension to make his serum work...but only Batman knows where the last Bruce is going to show up.


Finally!!! This book was previously supposed to come out this past December, but was resolicited due to coincide with other plans at DC. If you guys read Bryan Hill's DETECTIVE COMICS run, you already know this book is gonna be good. This story is a continuation of that run and sees a new iteration of the classic Outsider team. It's a mix of old faces (Batman, Black Lightning, and Katana) and new (The Signal and Orphan). Hill along with artist Dexter Soy are bringing us a team book that has been missing in the DCU for too long. These are the characters that go where no one else will. With a great lineup and great creative team, this book is not a book you want to sleep on.

Here's the solicit:

When the quest for justice drives Batman into some morally ambiguous areas, he calls in the most moral man he knows: Jefferson Pierce, a.k.a. Black Lightning, and his team of operatives known as the Outsiders! Several years ago Batman personally put the Barrera family into hiding after they suffered through terrible experiments at the hands of an organization called the Ark. Now all but one of them have turned up dead...and Batman needs to locate Sofia Barrera before the wrong people get their hands on her-and her surprising power! But it wouldn't be Batman without a hidden agenda, would it? And when Black Lightning, Katana, the Signal and Orphan find out what Batman is really up to, their every loyalty will be called into question.


Rick Remender and Wes Craig's DEADLY CLASS has been one of Image's best books for years now. This group of misfits training to be assassins set in the 80's, was a genius premise. Anyways if you haven't read this book yet, go catch up on the previous volumes before you read this, you won't be sorry. For all of you DEADLY CLASS fans, this issue is about to blow some shit up. After being on the run, Marcus and Maria go back to Kings Dominion. This is sure to be a big issue. Will they get revenge? Who will die? You just gonna have to read it to find out.

Here's the solicit:

"NEVER GO BACK," Part Three (of Five): Marcus and Maria return to Kings Dominion and face the rot that festers in its halls.


If there's anything I know about Image, it's that they put out quality books. Whenever I hear about a new title I usually have to check out. With the release of EXCELLENCE by Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph this week, it looks like another Image book is being added to the pull list. I'm a huge fan of fantasy books, but this isn't your ordinary fantasy type book, it's got some edge. I won't get to much into the story, but this book is already getting a lot of buzz, so make sure you get out there and pick this issue up. Plus, look at this badass cover, how could you not want to get it?

Here's the solicit:

Spencer Dales was born into a world of magic. His father belongs to the Aegis, a secret society of black magicians ordered by their unseen masters to better the lives of others-those with greater potential-but never themselves.

Now it's time for Spencer to follow in his father's footsteps, but all he sees is a broken system in need of someone with the wand and the will to change it. But in this fight for a better future, who will stand beside him?  

KHARY RANDOLPH (We Are Robin, Noble, Black, TECH JACKET) and BRANDON THOMAS (HORIZON, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury, Noble, Voltron) ignite a generational war in this action-fantasy series, made entirely by creators of color, and committed to one truth above all others-Excellence is Real.

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