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The Goon #1 (Review): Still Kicking Ass

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

THE GOON (2019) #1

Writer: Eric Powell

Artist: Eric Powell

Colors: Rachael Cohen & Powell

Publisher: Albatross Funny Books


I was glad to hear Eric Powell decided to bring back, from the dead, his fabulous character. With this new first issue written and illustrated by the famous creator, colors in teamwork with Rachael Cohen.

For those who aren't quite familiar with this universe, THE GOON revolves around two awesomely funny characters: Goon and Franky. They live their day to day lives hanging in bars and fighting bad guys, either zombies or basically any other kinds of gangster’s monsters.

But don’t worry: to understand this first new issue, you don’t have to read all the preceding ones as Powell is able to continue his saga without incorporating intricate details from previous arcs. It helps to know where Franky and Goon come from, but it’s not necessary. And for those who are already familiar with those entertaining adventures, you'll be glad to find something as entertaining as the old stories. Even after all this time, this new number keeps the same old and charming authenticity while bringing interesting and new twists.

For this first number, the duo comes back to their original town after a long journey only to realized how everything has changed. As usual, Powell’s work is funny as hell and uncontrollably amusing. You will smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

You will be completely immersed in this sincerely beautiful art. I’ve always been fascinated by Powell’s art and this issue is no exception. It’s hard for me to pinpoint the exact object of my fascination as it is a truly simple, yet complex, art. With the cartoonish vibes completed by some nice colorwork that brings surreal elements to the universe, when reading it I feel like I’m navigating through a fog of mysteries.

I’m so glad to see more of this team of thugs! It also opens the door to see what other great content Albatross Funny Books has to offer as a new Publisher in the industry (also owned and created by Powell).

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