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Excellence #1 (Review): A Book Worthy of It's Name

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Brandon Thomas

Artist: Khary Rhandolph

Colorist: Emilio Lopez

Publisher: Image Comics


Another Wednesday and another new Image book is being launched. EXCELLENCE is a story of a son, Spencer Dales, following in his father's enormous footsteps. The catch, his father is belongs to a secret society of black magicians called the Aegis. Their goal is to protect others, whom they deem have great potential, but never themselves. It's this premise that immediately drew me to the book. I'm always looking for series that have a touch of fantasy, and this book is just what I was looking for.

Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph quickly set up the story by explaining- The Four Walls, or rules of the Aegis, Which are,

I. The Protection and Defense of the Undeserving is Not Allowed.

II. The Creation of a Magician's Wand Without Permission is Not Allowed.

III. The Casting of Spells Without an Approved Wand is Not Allowed.

IV. The Use of Magic by Female's is Not Allowed.

They then show the four levels of magicians (Rooks, Patrons, The Tenth, and The Overseer). I love that they did this from the get go, so we don't have to spend any of the story explaining it. At the heart of this book is a son just trying to live up to his father expectations, but always seeming to come up short. Spencer can't seem to get his mystic powers at the age most rooks develop them, instead as he gets older a rage builds up inside of him which eventually is how his powers develop. During his trial to become a Patron, he proves all the naysayers wrong. Using unorthodox methods to protect his charge, he ascends to the level of Patron. Soon he will have a charge of his own to watch out for, as the Aegis have done for years.

What Thomas and Randolph have created, is truly something special. With a cast of characters that feel easily relatable and an intriguing premise, this book stays with you long after you finish it. Thomas has clearly poured his heart and soul into this book and Randolph has brought the story to life exquisitely with his energetic and action packed art style. EXCELLENCE is sure to cause waves across the comic book community, so get in at the beginning because this is definitely a book you don't want to miss out on.

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