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Deadly Class #38 (Review): Marcus and Maria Come Home

Updated: Jan 24, 2020


Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Wes Craig

Colorist: Jordan Boyd

Publisher: Image Comics


Any time a new issue of DEADLY CLASS comes out, you know it's gonna be a great week. This issue proves once again why this is consistently one of Image's best books. Since day one, Rick Remender and Wes Craig have brought a book unlike any other book on the stands. While this may be part 3 of 5 of the current arc, this is actually a great jumping on point for new readers. They touch on a lot of previous events throughout the story.

This issue sees Marcus and Maria return to King's Dominion after being on the run. While they had been hiding out in Mexico, they ran into the new Freshman class and as always, death followed in their path. With revenge on their minds, Marcus and Maria have a plan up their sleeves and returning home was just the beginning. After returning, Master Lin names Marcus a Legacy, which makes him untouchable. He also informs Maria, that she is now the head of Soto Vatos, having killed them while in Nevada. Having returned to school, they are expected to resume their training, given extra credit for "life experience".

The whole school idolizes Marcus and Maria, much to the chagrin of Shabnam, Viktor, and Brandy, who absolutely despise them. Viktor, Brandy, and Shabnam pretty much run the school and want those two gone. After they threaten and intimidate them in the graveyard, we see that this isn't the same Marcus and Maria that left King's Dominion all those months ago. They're here with a purpose and will do whatever necessary to achieve those goals. One thing to keep an eye out for, is that girl Jayla from earlier in the issue who happens to be spying on the whole graveyard incident.

This series continues to amaze me with each passing issue. Just when you think you have something figured out, Remender throws a curveball, constantly keeping the reader guessing. His characterization of these sadistic and flawed teenagers is what makes this book so outstanding. Not to mention the insanity that is Wes Craig's art, coupled with the phenomenal colors of Jordan Boyd. The drug fueled issues alone make you feel like you just took a hit of acid.

This issue has only elevated my love for the book and I can't wait for the next issue. I look forward to the day when we all get to see Marcus and Maria exact their vengeance upon all their enemies.

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